Thursday, March 25, 2010

Such a Trickster

So, my last post created quite an uproar. haha I kind of knew it would based on the title. If you didn't know, I have a site meter on this blog that tells me how many people look at it each day. It doesn't tell me who is looking at it, but it keeps track of the number of views. Because of my status on facebook and the title of the blog, I had over 100 views that day! haha Thats a HUGE record...I usually only have around 20 haha. I can't tell you how many text messages, facebook messages or comments in person that I got from people (probably you!) that were freaking out thinking I was pregnant...until they read on. haha I'm quite the little trickster! haha Just a little play on words...I mean everything I said was true, just in a different context than you would expect.

So no puppy news right now. Every evening when I get home I've been laying on the couch watching TV. Ellie has been laying right on my stomach, and I can sometimes feel the puppies moving around in her belly. It's so cool! Ben and I are spending this upcoming weekend getting ready for the pups. We have to buy a baby gate to block Ellie in a room while she is in labor, find a box for her to get in, buy some old towels from the thrift store to make her a comfortable place in the box to have them, and maybe buy a thermometer. The vet told me to take her temperature everyday and when it drops a degree, I'll know they are coming within 24 hours!

Other than that, everything is pretty much same ol' same ol' in our lives. I'm still LOVING UAB rehab. Actually as of tomorrow I will be half way finished with my internship!! Where has all of the time gone?!? This is so crazy to me! I love this setting though, and love the people I'm working with. I have learned SO much in just 4 weeks!

Ben is closing down on busy season! HALLELUJAH! It's 9:30 PM and he is still at work tonight. I'm getting tired of him working so late... I'm sure he is too! haha But at least that should all end pretty soon!

Guess thats about it for now!

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