Monday, November 29, 2010

Get Ready for Some Chippin' and Dippin' and Some Margarita Sippin'! It's a Fiesta Honoring Leigh Anna and Bagby!!

A couple of weekends ago (yes, I know it has been a REALLY long time since I've is just crazy busy right now!), Ben and I (and three other girls) hosted a Fiesta Engagement party at our house for our good friends Leigh Anna and Bagby. Leigh Anna and I first met during our freshmen year at Auburn. We just happened to be in a biology lab together, and ended up being lab partners. From there, the rest is history. We lived together one year while at Auburn, and then lived together again in Birmingham the year before I got married. Leigh Anna was in my wedding, and I will be in hers this upcoming year. She is and always has been a great friend. When she introduced me to Bagby, I knew he was a keeper for her. They are perfect for each other! Ben and I couldn't have been more excited to throw a party for the two of them to celebrate their engagement!

Here is a picture of the dining room all set up before the party started. We had the food catered from a Mexican place here in Birmingham, and also served Beer and Margaritas..
I need to take this time to recognize and thank my good friend Whitney for coming to Birmingham early that Saturday to help me get everything set up. I seriously don't think I could've survived without her. She helped me get all of the food in dishes and out on the table, and helped with all of the last minute details. The previous two weeks Baby Adams had been making me pretty sick, so I was terrified that I would be sick on the day of the party and wouldn't be able to get it all ready, so Whitney offered to come early to help. I was SOO thankful. Luckily, I wasn't sick at all that day, so we got it all done!This next one is a picture of some of the girls before the party started. Three other girls (some of Leigh Anna's bridesmaids) helped host the party. I knew them from Auburn, so it was great getting to see and catch up with them.And, finally the guests arrived! First order of business... definitely eating!
Here are some of the guests eating in the living room..
And then to our surprise, look who showed up!!...
This was by far the highlight of the night. Bagby and his family/friends are all really musically talented. It was just the perfect touch to the fiesta to have this little mexican band show up! They played and sang a spanish song! It was awesome!You can see they definitely caught everyones attention as they serenaded us...

And of course the bride and groom started doing a little dance!
The weather was absolutely perfect that night. We were thrilled that we could use our back porch during the party. We have a fire pit back behind our deck, so we of course used the opportunity to roast s'mores! (I know that s'mores have nothing to do with the Fiesta theme, but I couldn't resist!)

And, not to mention, we got to catch up with our good friends Erin and Charlie!
Overall, the party was a success! We can't wait for all of the wedding festivities honoring Leigh Anna and Bagby!

To end, here is a picture of me and two of the other hostesses with Leigh Anna and the gifts she gave us. We loooved the gifts. If you can't see, its a tile on a stand with our painted inital on them and at the bottom it says our last name with Est. and each of our wedding dates. Isn't that such a creative and awesome gift? I sure love it! Thank you Leigh Anna! Best Wishes Leigh Anna and Bagby! We are soo thrilled for the two of you! We love you!

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  1. Christen, this was so sweet!! I feel like I just re-lived the party! lol It was an awesome night, and we feel so blessed to have such caring and loving friends! You and Ben mean a lot to us and we thank you again for the party! Love you!!


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