Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love being an Aunt!

In all of the hustle and bustle of finding out the gender of baby A, I completely forgot to post about a fun weekend I had right before the big gender reveal. I headed home on Saturday morning to make it to my little nephew's basketball game. He was so cute playing, and was pretty good at it! Although their team lost, it was still a great game! Look at his control of the ball while dribbling around his opponents!

Way to hustle Chase!

See the ball about to go into the hoop? That was Chase's shot!! Score!!

It was a lot of fun being able to watch Chase play!!

The next day, was my neice, Abby's, 3rd Birthday Party!
They had a small gathering of family and friends at the Play Place in the mall where they have a few inflatable jumpey things (whatever they are called! haha). Abby LOVED it! She laughed, and laughed, and laughed the whole time.

Here are some of the men at the party..

and Mama Frankie and Grandaddy
After about an hour or so of running around and jumping, it was time for cake! Look how precious her cake was!

And then presents...

She was so funny when opening the presents. It was like she was in a rush. She would fling open the present or pull things out of the bags and not even look at them and just set them down instantly and reach for the next present. haha

Look at this baby doll my mom got her.. it was huge! haha Almost as big as she is, but she loved it!
I tried to take a cousin picture with all three of my neices and nephew sitting on the blow up chair... unfortunately, they exceeded the weight limit of 100 lbs so the chair started sinking and the picture didn't turn out great...

so I took one of Kayli by herself! Look how grown up she looks!
Overall, it was a fun weekend!I can't believe Abby is already 3 years old... time sure is flying! I love being an aunt, and love spending time with my neices and nephew. Can't wait for Baby A to meet her cousins! She will have so much fun with them!

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