Sunday, May 1, 2011

32 1/2 Weeks

This past week has been kind of hectic and I missed taking my 32 week picture on the exact day, so I took it today instead at 32 1/2 weeks. But goodness gracious how I've grown over the last month. I imagine the growth each month, or actually week now since there is really less than two months left, from here on out will be tremendous.

Here I am a month ago at 28 weeks...

And here I am now at 32 1/2 weeks..

Baby Girl is really growing! I can definitely feel the effects of it too as my back has started to hurt all over and the number of trips I take to the bathroom each day is out of control! haha I've also been pretty tired lately and am realizing that I can no longer do as much as I use to, and definitely can't do ANYTHING fast anymore. haha

I went to the doctor this past week and everything looked great. My blood pressure is still staying consistent, still a little elevated from normal, but nothing of much concern right now. Thank you all for the prayers!! Baby Girl's heartbeat was around 140 bpm, and the doctor said she is still head down. Yay! I'm hoping she stays that way! Baby Girl continues to kick and squirm ALL day long, and I Love it. Some of the kicks are even getting pretty strong at times and actually hurt occasionally, but I don't mind it one bit because it lets me know that she's doing ok in there. I have gained a total of 29 pounds so far...eeek!! It hurts to step on the scale and see that number, but my doctor continues to reassure me that I'm doing great with weight gain so I guess it's all ok. Every where I go people comment on my belly now. In church this morning during the greeting, everyone kept asking "When are you due?" "Is this yalls first?" etc. For the most part, people are generally so sweet. Like today at the grocery store, I was buying a big pack of bottled water. The lady in line behind me ran up to my cart before I could pick it up and said "Here let me help you. " I thought that was so nice of her. (Before now, I never really knew how tiresome it can be and straining simple things like that could be when you are pregnant. I feel so bad for never stopping to help people before, but I can guarantee from now on that I'll be lending a hand to pregnant women when needed.) I must admit though, that occasionally I will get some comments that aren't necessarily mean but that aren't the greatest comments to say to a pregnant lady. Like today at TJ Maxx, I went to try something on and the lady at the dressing room asked how much longer I had. When I said 7 weeks, she said with the most shocking face and tone "Oh my gosh! Are you kidding? Well good luck with that." I know I'm large and in charge...thanks for rubbing it in lady haha. Oh well.

But, anyway, We are getting so excited/anxious as we await her arrival! Only 7 more weeks.. or less! Every weekend from here on out we are spending trying to get everything together. Of course the nesting is starting to kick in and I'm wanting our entire house clean all the time, things organized, the dogs clean, etc. Today we took Ellie to get her hair cut shorter so she won't require as much grooming once the baby gets here. We also went shopping around trying to find me something to wear in the hospital and the first couple of weeks at home, but we were unsuccessful. I'm not real sure what I'm wanting...but hopefully I'll find it soon enough haha. I did buy Baby Girl a "coming home" dress the other day, but am actually going to take it back and order a different one. I'll post a picture when I get it. I've been organizing our bathroom closet to include a shelf for baby towels/washcloths, and have cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen for bottles etc. It's really starting to feel like a Baby will be here soon! I can't wait!

I'm having a shower at work this Tuesday and hope to post pictures later this week of it, and my Decatur shower that I had a couple of weeks ago. Baby Adams has gotten some great things! Oh.. and by the way, we still haven't committed on a name yet! I am ready to commit, but Ben is not. He all of a sudden decided he didn't really like the name we originally were thinking of, but he isn't really looking up names I'm not really sure what's going to happen. Sometimes he says he wants to see her before he names her...but I would love to get a couple of things monogrammed so I want to commit before then....It is a big decision though, so I want to make sure we pick the right one. We shall see what happens!

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