Saturday, June 25, 2011

Labor Day Continued

After we were officially admitted to Labor and Delivery, the waiting began. At admission, I was still just 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I wasn't really having any real contractions either. The monitors were picking up a few every now and then, but they definitely weren't consistent. However, they started to pick up a little bit and I did start to thin a little on my own, so the doctor wanted to wait before starting pitocin to see if my body would do it all on its own.
Both mine and Ben's entire families came to the hospital to await on sweet baby girls arrival. She definitely had a great welcoming committee! She is a lucky girl to be entering in to this family! :)

We spent the time visiting with each other and my mom, sister, niece and I played a good ol' fashioned game of "Uno." I was really feeling great the whole time. My contractions did start to pick up, but they weren't really causing me any pain. When the nurse checked me a few hours later, I still had not dilated any, so they decided to start the pitocin. We continued to wait anxiously. I remember feeling a lot of pressure and some aches in my back, and they continued to get stronger but not completely unbearable. Around 2 AM, the anesthesiologist was on the floor to give a few other ladies their epidural, and they asked if I wanted to go ahead and get mine since he was already there. I told them that I still wasn't in excruciating pain and didn't mind waiting, but if he was wanting to do it since he was already there I didn't mind that either as long as he promised it wouldn't wear off. We decided to go ahead with it, and boy was it the best thing I've ever done. I felt a complete sense of relaxation after it. It was like I was floating on clouds. The rest of labor was such a piece of cake. I kept saying "This is nothing compared to the pregnancy; I could do this every day." I slowly continued to dilate and thin and at around 9 AM, I was finally 10 cm and ready to start pushing.

I pushed for a little over 2 hours. That part was NOT fun. I had Ben, my mom and sister in the delivery room with me, and they all helped me get through it. I remember feeling a lot of pressure and pain and was completely exhausted. I thought she was never going to come. Finally, my doctor came in and she was out within 5 minutes. It was such a relief and such a great moment! I, of course, cried like a baby when they put her on my chest.

We were both exhausted, but were so excited to finally meet our precious angel!

She was born at 11:03 AM and weighed 7 lbs, 7 0z and was 20 inches long! Just perfect!

Ben was so excited to finally hold sweet baby girl as well. He actually had never really held a newborn baby before so he was a little nervous, but he did it perfectly!

We spent the next couple of days in the hospital completely overcome with joy over this precious gift.

Friends and family all came to visit and meet sweet Baby Girl. The only problem was, Ben and I could not commit to a name. We had two names in mind and thought it would be so easy once we saw her to pick one. However, it wasn't. We actually didn't name her until the next night after she was born. Her full name is Meridith Hyatt Adams, but we are calling her Mary Hyatt. I love her name and think it fits her perfectly!

Our first night in the hospital was actually a little rough. Ben and I were both exhausted since we had been up all night the whole night before in labor. Mary Hyatt unfortunately did not want to sleep. She stayed up until 3 AM, and Ben and I took turns trying to soothe her. At 3, we had both reached out limit and sent her to the nursery for a few hours so we could get a little rest. I hated to send her and remember feeling so sad and so guilty, but I knew that I needed the rest to help me recover, as I was completely worn out and in a lot of pain.

The next day, we spent most of our morning just as a new family of 3. Later that afternoon, we had several visitors. The second night, Mary Hyatt again did not want to sleep, but this time we sent her on to the nursery around 12. Ben and I knew we would need the rest since we were soon going home and wouldn't have the choice to catch up.

The next morning, we woke up and started packing all of our stuff up. I dressed Mary Hyatt up in here "coming home" outfit, which I absolutely LOVED.

Isn't she just precious?

We then headed out to the car. We were so excited to be taking her home!

When we got home, my mom, sister, niece, and nephew were all waiting to welcome us. My mom had prepared a huge DELICIOUS lunch. We showed Mary Hyatt her room and introduced her to her older "sisters," Emma and Ellie. Ellie was very jealous and didn't know what to think. She kept sniffing her, but would then jump in my lap anytime I sat down and start licking my face. Emma just kept staring at Mary Hyatt as if she was completely confused as to what "it" was.

Overall, the whole labor process wasn't bad at all! The worst part was the pushing, and of course the recovery has been worse than I expected, but I'm finally starting to feel much better and can't wait to get back to a "normal" routine of life with our sweet baby girl!

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