Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 Month Old

Wow! Mary Hyatt is already 1 month old! Sometimes its hard to believe that a month has already passed and other times it feels like she should be much older! Nonetheless, we are loving every minute watching her grow!

We went to her 1 month check-up at the doctor yesterday. She weighed 8 lbs 13 oz! That is over a pound and a half weight gain in 3 weeks! She is eating about 4 oz every feeding, and is eating almost every 2-3 hours. Mary Hyatt is a lazy eater though. She takes forever! She will usually eat about half of the bottle, fall asleep, and then when we go to put her down, she instantly wakes up crying and wanting the rest. Sometimes this scenario happens multiple times during one feeding.

We have kind of started to get on a semi-schedule with her. She kind of created it herself, but it has been working so far so we are keeping it. She usually wakes up around 5 every morning. We feed her and she will sometimes go back to sleep for about 45 minutes. She stays awake or takes short cat naps until about 11, and then usually between 11-12 she will take a long 2-3 hours nap. The afternoon is kind of like the morning...awake/asleep sporadically. We give her a bath around 9:30, feed her, and then put her down around 10:30 or 11. For the last 4 nights, she has slept from 11-5. I'm hesitant to even put that on here because I'm afraid we are getting our hopes up and I'll jinx it. haha

We think the secret to her sleeping is bath time. This little girl LOVES baths. She may be screaming crying but the second we put her in the bath, she completely stops. She gets so content and relaxed instantly.

Isn't that last picture hilarious? She is kind of starting to smile at us a little bit and I love it! She has little reflex smiles all the time, especially when she is sleeping or eating, but is finally starting to smile a little when we talk to her.

She really is such a sweet baby. It seems like she gets sweeter and sweeter everyday, and we are loving every minute of watching her grow!

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