Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Shoot

Later in the day after Mary Hyatt's party we walked to a little bridge next to our house to take her picture with some of her balloons.  Let me just say, taking a picture of a VERY busy 1 year old who is running all over the place can be tricky.  I do think I managed to get some good ones though!

 I just happened to get lucky on this next one.  She never sits still for longer than 10 seconds... EVER...
 Happy, Happy Girl! This is pretty typical of her!
 She kept standing up and grabbing the balloons and running off with them.  She would get so tangled in all the strings, but it didn't stop her...and surprisingly enough, she never tripped.

 Love a ruffle booty! and Love baby legs!
 This picture kind of shows you how busy she is...She is always on the move!

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