Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Trip 2012- Part Twp

Saturday we woke up to a condo full of family.  It was so fun introducing Mary Hyatt to Cole again.  They are about to get to an age where they can play together.
Mary Hyatt didn't know what to think...

We then got ready to head to the beach.. not before my sister got in a little lovin' from both babies!

Our condo is on the bay side of the resort in Sandestin, so we ride the little trolley to get to the beach.  Here is a part of the crew on the way...

Mom's excited for the beach!! haha
Mary Hyatt loved swimming in the ocean with her daddy... That was no surprise though, because we knew she likes to swim!
It was so fun watching all of the cousin's play together.  Mary Hyatt sure thinks she's a "big kid."
They built sand castles..
which Mary Hyatt usually smooshed. haha
Cole ended up joining us out on the beach later that day.  Again, Mary Hyatt was mesmerized haha. She didn't know what to think about a baby smaller than her! :)
We attempted to get a grand kid picture for my mom, which was a total failure....all because of Mary Hyatt. This picture cracks me up.  It had been a long day on the beach and she had had enough.  She was ready to get out of the sand and back in the room to take a nap... Lesson learned, take pictures earlier in the day rather than later.
When we got back to the room, Mary Hyatt took a quick nap while the rest of us hung out.  
When Mary Hyatt woke up, we got ready to go to the pool for the evening. Mary Hyatt was finally all smiles again!

Love this sweet girl!
My dad ended up grilling out by the pool that night.  We decided it would be too difficult to all get showered and out to eat with young children after a long day. It was the perfect decision.  We had fun eating by the pool and swimming, and then I was able to take Mary Hyatt back to the room earlier than everyone else and get her bathed and in the bed.
She totally conked out!!
One more beach trip post to come...

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