Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Sister's Graduation

A few weekends ago, we headed to Decatur to watch my sister graduate from Athens State University.  We were so so proud of her! She has worked a full time job, raised two kids, and completed classes to earn her degree in Contract Management.  I remember graduate school consuming my life and that was before I was even married or had children, so I can't imagine doing all of that while raising a family and working at the same time! She's an inspiration! Oh, and to top it off, she graduated with Honors!!
Here is my mom, dad, and grandmother waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Yep, I was that abnoxious family member that stood up to get a picture of her walking in. 
Getting her diploma!!
Here she is with her sweet family. 
The graduate with mom and dad
and of course we got one of our little family with her..
Here she is with my grandmother.  So glad she was able to make it!

One of my favorite pictures of all the girls (minus Tiffany and Abby).  Love these girls with all my heart!
After the ceremony, we all grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant in Athens.  It was delicious! The guys  (and Mary Hyatt) then headed home so we could do a little shopping around the square.  It was a fun day, and we were so glad we were able to be there to help celebrate!!

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