Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've started a trend!!

Hello all!!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am right now! I just found out that my sister and my brother's fiance are both starting their own blogs now that they have seen mine!! That makes me really happy! To check out their blogs visit: markandtashajones.blogspot.com and tiffanyandgerald.blogspot.com. For those of you that don't know, the first blog is of my sister and her family. She is married and has two kids, Kayli and Chase. The second is of my soon-to-be sister-in-law. Woh, that was a lot of hyphens...haha Anyway, her and my brother have a little girl named Abby. I am so happy that they have both created their own blog because now I can keep updated on my precious neices and nephew, even though I'm not physically living in the same city as them. Yay for blogging!!

Today was my first day at Mountain Brook Elementary school. It was awesome! My supervisor, or the main teacher of the room who is also a speech pathologist, was out today so it was a little crazy but still went well. The only bad part of the day, was due to the weather. We have to stand outside and wait on each child's parent to drive up, and then we load them in the car. I definitely wasn't prepared for that so I was FREEZING! But, the kids are so cute, so it really didn't matter. Tomorrow I'll definitely bring gloves though!

Anyway, basically we have a classroom full of 12 little preschoolers from 8:20-12:30...they are precious! I think I'm really going to enjoy working with them, although I'm a little nervous because I haven't worked with children in a LONG time (Since first semester I think!!). I've been at both UAB and the VA the last couple of semesters so I've spent most of my time with adults. This will be a nice change though, and I am certain that I will learn so much to help me in the future as an SLP. I still don't know if I want to work with adults or children, or both!??!

So speaking of weather earlier.. Is anyone else not liking this weather as much as me?!? I feel like the air is literally going to cut my skin every time I walk outside!! It's funny because on New Years Day, Ben dumped out a cooler full of ice in the yard. We figured it would melt, and wouldn't be in the way. NOPE!! The ice is STILL there..5 days later! I don't remember it ever being this cold last year...and I don't think I like it. If its gotta be this cold, then I want there to be snow on the ground. Maybe we will get some on Thursday!

But, since it's cold, I'm making a HUGE pot of potato/broccoli cheese soup. And when I say HUGE, I mean GIGANTIC. I'm serious, I think I could feed an entire army. See for yourself:

Yes, I made all of that just for me and Ben, and we made grilled cheese sandwiches with it!! I had no idea that the recipe made that much. Maybe next time I'll half the recipe.

Think we liked it?!?

You Bet!! It was Soo good! And Perfect for this wintery day!

hope you all are staying bundled up!



  1. Yummy! Don't forget to send me the recipe!!

  2. Oh yea...I forgot to tell you that we always half it hahaha. But at least you will have lots left over for the snow day tomorrow! It looked yummy!

    Glad to hear you like the kiddies at MBE.

  3. Haha thats funny how much it made, it looks really good, gerald loves potatoe soup so can you send me the recipe too!?


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