Monday, January 4, 2010

Last Day of "Freedom"

First of all, I need start off by sending a HUGE thank you to Jennifer at for sending me an email with tons of information about how to get this blog started. Jennifer and I met back in high school, and I have been following her blog for a while, and am truly sooo appreciative for her help. She has a 6, maybe 7, (I'm not quite sure) month old little girl, (which I might add, is one of the cutest little babies I've ever seen... I'm not kidding. Check out her blog to see for yourself!), so I'm sure it wasn't easy to find time to help me. Also, Kimberly at sent me a comment with some help too. She is married to one of Ben's pledge brother's and they were all friends back in the good ol' days of T-town. Both Kimberly and Jennifer were a TREMENDOUS help to me! Thank you girls!

So, with their helpful advice, my blog is changing daily! Do you like it? It's still not perfect yet.. but it's getting there. I wasn't really sure about all of the pink... I mean, I am a pink girl, but I just don't like a ton of it. This was just one of the cuter ones at the website I went to, so I picked it. I guess it works for now.. I'm sure I'll be changing it soon! I sure am loving this blog though! I have a little site counter at the bottom that tells me how many people are visiting my site. It also gives me information about what city the people are from. Literally, last night the numbers just kept getting higher and higher, and I was freaking out! haha I think I had about 100 hits last night. Unbelieveable!! I never expected people to actually look at this thing. Ben kept laughing at me ALL night and telling me I needed to calm down haha...But to all of you that are reading, thank you!! You are making my day! I think Ben really is liking it too. He would never admit it, but he keeps asking me about it. If you haven't already, go look at the comments from the first post. Ben actually posted a comment. If that doesn't scream excitement, I don't know what else does! haha

Anyway, today is my last day of "freedom." I start my internship tomorrow at Mountain Brook Elementary School. I will do the first 8 weeks there, and then finish the semester at UAB Hospital again. I am SO excited to not have any classes this semester. It will be so nice to finally have some free time at night and on the weekends without having to worry about papers, projects, tests, studying... all of that horrible stuff. However, I will say that I have LOVED my time at Montevallo. I will miss seeing all of the professors and all of my classmates everyday. We have become such a close little "family" over the last two years. I remember being so worried at first because I was leaving a huge university like Auburn, and moving to a little school like Montevallo that I really hadn't ever heard of before searching for graduate schools. I debated for so long whether I should stay at Auburn or not, and at the last minute chose Montevallo so that I could live in Birmingham, and Ben and I could finally live in the same city. That was seriously the best decision I have ever made. I have loved every little thing about Montevallo. Its a beautiful campus, the people are so friendly, my classmates were amazing, my professors were so personable and truly wanted to help me and provided me with all the support I needed, the speech-path program was unbelievable (rated #1 in the State and #16 in the South!!) Had to brag a little... I just love Montevallo. Although, I do have such a huge love for that place, I must say, it feels SOO good to be done with the classes. I can't wait until I graduate in May so that I can start getting a paycheck for all of this hard work!! I'm sure Ben can't wait for that either! :)

So on my last day of "freedom," I am cleaning the apartment, catching up on laundry, organizing closets and drawers, going to the grocery, cooking a big dinner... you know, all of those wifey things.. and of course updating the blog!! Soon I will begin to make posts recapping the last few months, from our wedding up until now. I may even give you a little tour of our home, so Stay tuned!

Until then, have a great day!!



  1. I love the blog!!! You can say you aren't creative all you want (not true), but man can you write well!! I will be on here every day reading - I can see it now. : )
    Miss you guys and will see you after I return from the "Becker world".


  2. I love this! I have never thought about having a blog but, after seeing yours, I just might have to start my own! You've done a great job! It is very cute! See you soon!


  3. What a cute blog! Can't wait to read your blog.

    Take Care,

  4. Thank you all soo much!! So glad yall are reading! It makes me soo happy!

    Tasha, I definitely think you should create one!! It is a lot of fun, and would be a great way to keep us all updated with yall, and Kayli and Chase. Do it! I'll help!

    Talk to yall soon!

  5. haha this is hysterical Christen!!! I love it!! Have you seen that movie Julie & Julia (or maybe it is Julia & Julie)?? If not, you need to see it, but it is about this girl blogging about cooking... anyway! I thought it was really cool, and now I'm super pumped about your blog!!

  6. hahaha Katherine, you know me... Now I'm some old married girl, so I had to have my own blog! haha No really... I never thought I would be someone that got into this, but I Love it!! Who knows... you may join this world too someday! You could blog about your new house!! Anyway, hope to see ya soon!

  7. This is so cute Christen I had one a long time ago when Abby was born but I couldn't figure out how to make it cute like you did! It looks like fun and a good way to document things..I might make one here soon haha! :)


  8. I LOVE the blog!! You are too cute!
    (And I love the pink too!!)

  9. Thank you Amy!! Don't worry, you were part of the reason I was sqealing the other night! haha You were my first "follower," and I started going crazy. Anyway, thanks for reading! Maybe we will see ya Thursday night if you get out of school early!


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