Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree

For our first tree, we knew we wanted a real tree and knew we wanted to cut it down ourselves, so we searched for a Christmas Tree farm. Abby, my little neice had actually spent the night with us for a couple of days before that weekend. On Saturday, we had to meet my brother and Tiffany in Cullman to give her back, so we figured that would be the perfect day to get our tree. We stopped to let her see a live reindeer on the way.

We then got back in the car to head to Cullman. Abby LOVES talking on the phone, so I let her call my mom, (her grandmother) "Nana." She is such a talker already! Although we can't really understand what she is saying, it sounds like she is really having a conversation. haha We like to say she speaks "Chinese." haha She really can say a lot of "real words" that we can understand now, but when she gets on the phone she just babbles away! Look how precious...
(And this was after she had been talking for at least 1 minute or two before I started recording!)

I love the part where she smiles and laughs at the end as if my mom just told her something really funny! And by the way, Abby was 18 months old at the time of this video.

We eventually made it to Cullman, dropped her off, and then headed off to find our tree. When Ben was growing up, his family always had a tradition of going to Krystal and getting a sack full of burgers before going out to cut down their tree. We wanted to carry on that tradition. However, on the way to the tree farm we couldn't find a Krystal anywhere. I remember saying "I never see Krystals anywhere in Birmingham. Maybe they don't have many here." We were getting discouraged and decided that we may just have to settle for Milo's instead. We were stopped at a red light, and I just happened to look back, and what did I see! A Krystal!! Not kidding... it was soo random. It was kind of hidden and it seemed like it just popped out of no where. We both starting screaming.. literally. My eye's seriously started watering haha. Then Ben and I laughed SO hard because I had no idea why they were watering over finding a Krystal fast food restaurant. Guess I was just really excited about carrying on the tradition! Here is a picture of us with our Krystals!

We got to the Christmas farm and looked around for a tree. It took so long to pick out just the perfect one! But we finally found it... Look how big it was!! At the time, we didn't think it was that big. I guess since it was surrounded by so many HUGE trees, it looked small. We were actually debating on this one and one that was even bigger. I'm so glad we went with the smaller one because it was huge once we got it home. Here is Ben cutting it down.
We got it home, and started decorating it. Here is a picture of it. We called it our big Christmas bush!! haha The picture makes it look really ugly because you can't see the lights. It really wasn't that bad! I mean, I know it's not the prettiest tree in the world because we didn't have a whole lot of ornaments, but we sure loved it! haha We couldn't put anything on the top because it was hitting the ceiling.

See it's not so bad, right?


  1. It was very pretty, haha the Krystals tradition thing is cute!!

  2. Oh and I love the video of Abby, I want to save it but i'm not sure if I know how?


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