Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I wanted to post about a few of my favorite Christmas gifts this year..As I said from the two previous posts, Ben and I had an amazing first Christmas. We loved spending time with our families and are so thankful for each and every gift we received from everyone. These three things are some of my favorites. (In no particular order)

First, we received a BEAUTIFUL painting from my sister, Tasha. She is so talented and has really been blessed with a huge gift of drawing, painting...pretty much anything artistic. You could seriously give her a copy of any painting, and she could recreate it probably better than the original. She actually sells some of her paintings at Frankies Boutique in Decatur, Alabama. People have recently started paying her to paint pictures of their pets. She loves to paint, and is really really good at it, so if you ever need any kind of art work, contact her! (Her blog is "Keepin' up with the Jones"..You can find it under the list on the side of my blog.)

Anyway, me and Ben's bedroom has been really bare since we moved in. We don't even have an actual headboard right now, so I've been dying to find some kind of artwork to hang over the bed to make it look a little nicer. This Christmas, my sister surprised us with the perfect picture! Want to see...

She used puffy paint so it has a lot of texture in it. She also stuck old pieces of jewelry in it...I know you cant really see it all in the pictures. My camera doesn't portray it that great, but it is beautiful. Even Ben seriously commented on it for like a week after we got it. He just kept talking about how much he loved it...and he doesn't really get into house kind of stuff haha.

Another favorite gift that I received is a pandora bracelet from my mom and dad. That is not a picture of my bracelet. It's just some random picture that I found off the Pandora website. haha If you haven't heard of them, they are basically like a charm bracelet. You buy the bracelet and then there are TONS of different charms that you can add to it. You can either add colorful glass charms, or just plain silver charms, charms that are in the shape of something (like an elephant, bible etc)..there are tons of choices. Mine is just silver with a present on it right now. Me, my sister, and Tiffany all got one from my mom and dad. I think it will be so fun to collect different charms over the years.

Another favorite gift is a pair of these shoes.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams got me these, and I LOVE them. They are so comfortable, and so cute. I had seen them in the stores alot but never really stopped to try them on and never really thought about going to buy them myself. I was so excited when I opened them. I've been needing a good casual pair of shoes and these are perfect. I wear them all the time now, and they really look so cute on.

Those are probably my top three favorite things. I got a lot of other stuff like clothes, shoes, jewelry, decorative stuff for the apartment etc. We also got a little wooden manger that we can put out to decorate for Christmas which I love. My grandmother also gave us a silver napkin holder thing with a cute set of napkins that I have been wanting for a really long time. It was a great Christmas. Here is another picture of me, my sister, and Tiffany wearing our cute new robes and pajamas that we each got as Christmas presents. We love to have new pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. Aren't they cute?

Overall, it was a great Christmas and I feel very blessed. Thank you everyone!!

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