Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Trip to the Circus

Ben and I were pretty busy this past weekend, so sit back and relax because this will probably be a very long post! Friday night, these people traveled to Birmingham to go to the circus with us.
Those people would be my brother, his fiance Tiffany, their little girl Abby, and my sister's children, Kayli and Chase.

We all had SO SO much fun. It had been a LONG time since I had been to the circus, and I had forgotten just how cool it is! I'm not kidding.. I think Ben, Tiffany, my brother, and I were almost more entertained than all of the children! Here are a few pictures:

My favorite thing was watching the elephants. I don't know why, but everything that they did just amazed me! I thought they were soo cute, and it was just unbelievable to see such a huge animal do tricks. For all of you bama fans out there, I think this might be the only thing I could side with you on: You do have a cute mascot! (Although, tigers are generally pretty cute too!) At the circus, the tigers were pretty lame..I'm not even posting a picture of in terms of circus animals and mascots, Bama wins! I know, I know.. I can't believe I'm even admitting that...even if it is something as stupid as circus animals. Well, honestly, I really can't believe I'm even thinking about Auburn/Alabama while at the circus... guess thats what happens when an Auburn girl marries an Alabama guy!

Ben said he really enjoyed watching the people jumping on the trampolines. He said it kind of reminded him of a Cirque Du Solei performance (I've never seen that before, so I don't know!) It was all just really really neat to watch! If you haven't been to the circus recently, you should definitely get tickets and go see it when it's in your area! I think its actually going to be in Huntsville this week, so if you live in that area, buy tickets!

Aren't these just the most precious children you have ever seen?!? I know I'm a little bias, but I love my neices and nephew!
You can tell by their faces how much fun they were having!!

After the circus, my brother, Tiffany, and Abby decided to head on back to Decatur, while these two wild indians came to spend the night with me and Ben.

My brother didn't know how to get back up on the interstate, so Ben and I tried to give him directions. We watched them from our car in the parking lot, and realized that they passed their turn. I called them and told them to turn around. They came back to a red light, and Ben and I told them to turn at the light and get on the ramp immediately. My brother turned, didn't see the ramp and kept going.....Unfortunately, none of us knew that we had told them to turn onto a ONE WAY street, going the WRONG way!! After they turned, Ben realized it and started screaming "They are on a one-way!" We then watched a cop pull them over. Luckily, the cop was very understanding that my brother was from out of town, it was dark, and rainy and the streets were very confusing, so he didn't give my brother at ticket. Ben and I drove around to meet up with them. Another cop pulled up with his lights on and started talking to my brother. Ben and I couldn't help but laugh in our car. The cops ended up giving them directions, and my brother made it on the ramp safely. We are so thankful that nothing happened... that could have been a really bad situation. Because everyone is safe and sound and he didn't get a ticket, we can't help but laugh! It really was so funny how it all happened. But, anyway, Ben and I were so glad that my brother and Tiffany decided to join us that night. We don't get to hang out with them very often, but wish we could! Hopefully they will come visit us again soon! On Saturday Ben had to work all day, so Kayli, Chase, and I ran a few errands and made a special stop by Yogurt Mountain. If you haven't ever been there before, you should definitely go. They have lots of different kinds of yogurt ice cream and literally EVERY topping you could ever imagine. You mix and select whatever kind you want and pay by the ounce. It is soo yummy! Kayli and Chase really enjoyed it.
Later that evening, we headed back to Decatur to eat dinner with my parents and then hang out with Ben's family. Ben and I really had a great time having Kayli and Chase come stay with us. I can't believe how big they are getting! I know one day they won't want to come visit us because they will have so much going on with their friends, so I'm trying to cherish these moments while they last! Stay tuned for my post about Sunday! We attended a very special birthday for someone pictured above!


  1. I love the pictures, will you tag them to me on facebook?

  2. I forgot all about the circus!!!!! I'm so glad they (and you and Ben) had fun. We loved it last year.

  3. Great post and great pictures! Glad you made it out alive after my crazy kids stayed the night...hahaha!They had a great time!


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