Monday, March 22, 2010

Babysitting and Baseball Season!!

Friday night, our old youth directors came to Birmingham and asked me and Ben to babysit their kids while they went out to eat. Of course we took them up on their offer because their little girls are precious! It was so much fun. We went on a walk outside, took them to a park where there were over 150 people (it was insane!), played a little "Go Fish," and let them each make their own pizza. The time went by so fast, but we had such a great time hanging out with them and catching up with David and Rosie! Here are a few pictures...

We ended up going to Decatur for the rest of the weekend, where we had a very busy and eventful weekend. We started Saturday off with going to watch Ben's sister Sally play in her high school soccer game. It was a beautiful day and a pretty good game. It was fun to get to watch her play...she is so good! We had taken Abby to the game with us, and she LOVED being out there. She kept running back and forth on the bleachers and would yell "Go Sally." haha It was precious.

After the game, we stopped by my mom's store "Frankie's." Unfortunately Frankie's is closing after 10 years of being in business. It's kind of a bitter sweet ending...I'll write a post on all of this later. We stopped by because I wanted to see it all one last time before it's completely gone...For some odd reason, I got really emotional when I was in there. (Mom and Mama Frankie, I don't think either of you even know this!) They were the ones working that day, but it was PACKED so they were super busy! It was the weirdest thing though.. I was just walking around looking at everything and then I got really sad. It completely caught me off guard. I have no idea why or what happened... I guess it's just been such a big part of my life since I was in the 8th grade...and it will be so different not having it. More on this later.

After that, we then headed to the ball fields to watch my nephew Chase play in his first Minor B baseball game! They use the pitching machine this year, so its quite a change from T-ball. I absolutely LOOOOOVE baseball season... or Little League baseball anyway. My family has always really gotten into little league baseball... It all started back when my brother was playing. It was like our life watching him play... and he was so good, and we loved it all. Now it's soooo fun to finally have another family memeber playing and an excuse to be at the ball fields! Chase is so cute too... and he is a pretty good player. He is a realllly good hitter.... you can tell by his stance in the picture below. He plays in the outfield...and by the end of the games, he starts to get a little bored out there haha We just have to remind him every now and then to quit talking to his friends out there and focus on the game.. haha But for the most part, he plays great. He has a great arm on him so he can throw the ball pretty hard and far, which is great for his position! He is so much fun to watch and I'm looking forward to many more games!!

Look at this next one..Wouldn't you be scared if you were the other team and saw this boy up to bat? He has the stance of a PRO!

In this next one you can see the ball in the air....This actually ended up being a foul ball because he barely tipped it!

Look how focused he is at this point...So cute!

The next few pictures are of some of his biggest fans....

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my exciting post! Big news is coming!! At least it's big to us!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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