Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kayli's Birthday

Another birthday post! Yes, my niece, Kayli, just turned 12 this past Friday!! YES 12!!! Where has all the time gone? I can't believe she is almost a teenager!!

Twelve years ago, I remember my whole family was out to eat at O'Charleys for my dads birthday. During dinner, my sister started to feel some contractions, which of course made us all really anxious and excited. Unfortunately she wasn't born until the next day, so they don't share the exact same birthday, but they are close!
I was in 6th grade when Kayli was born. I remember taking a bunch of polaroid pictures (do those still exist?) of Kayli to school the next day. I was soo proud to be an aunt and to have such a precious neice, and I wanted everyone to see her! Nothings changed. I am still so proud to have her as my niece! She has really grown into such a beautiful young lady. It's just so crazy to think of how grown up she is.

One of my favorite memories of Kayli while she has been growing up, is how she has always thought that I was the "cool" aunt. haha In other words, my sister would take her shopping and would want her to buy a specific shirt or pair of shoes etc. and Kayli would say "NO! I hate that!" (She was going through that stage where she liked all of the stuff that my sister didn't want her to wear) So, my sister would secretly buy the stuff that Kayli "hated," and would bring it to me to give to Kayli as a "gift." I would give it to her and Kayli LOVED it, and would wear whatever it was ALL THE TIME. haha I can't tell you how often that has happened. All my sister would have to say is "Christen has this," and Kayli would wear it. haha We were soo sneaky....and it secretly made me feel good to think that Kayli thought I was "so cool." This doesn't quite work as well anymore.... I guess I'm just not cool anymore... :(

It makes me sad to think that Kayli isn't a "little girl" anymore. I saw her this weekend running around with a group of friends at the ball park....she looked so old and grown up! Pretty soon she will be driving...and dating...Let's not go there.

So as you can see, last week was full of birthdays for our family. Ben and I went home this past weekend to hang out with the families, so we were able to wish both my dad and Kayli a Happy Birthday! It was actually a very busy and eventful weekend, and I'll post more about what we did tomorrow. Also, stay tuned.... later this week....either tomorrow or Tuesday, I have some very very EXCITING and a little shocking news to share with all of our readers. But for now... I'll leave you hanging and wondering what it could be...because this post is devoted soley to Kayli in honor of her 12th Birthday!
Here are a bunch of pictures of Kayli over the last few years... unfortunately I don't have pictures on this computer of when she was really little and I don't have a scanner...These at least go back to 2006!
For a litttle explanation of this next picture... I was in Greek Sing at Auburn and Kayli, my mom, and sister came to watch. This glitter face was part of our costume!

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  1. Great post! You are a great aunt! Kayli (and Chase and Abby) is very lucky!


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