Monday, March 15, 2010

New "Do," New week

Greetings friends!

So, if you remember from my last post, last week was a pretty busy week. I went to SHAA on Thursday and Friday, and it was a lot of fun. I think the best part was seeing all of my friends from graduate school! I sure have missed them over the last couple of months! It was so great to catch up with everyone and share stories from our internship sites etc. Unfortunately, the speaker that I was the most excited about seeing, ended up not coming. He had to cancel because his flight got delayed due to weather. There was also another lady that I wanted to hear, but unfortunately I had to work (if we volunteered to be a student worker for 3 hours, we didn't have to pay to attend the convention!) during her scheduled time. Sad day...I did, however, get to see a couple of other lectures that were very intrigueing and informative that will help me grow as a clinician. Here is a picture of me and a couple of friends at the SHAA luncheon... I love these girls!
On Friday afternoon, I went and got my hair chopped off. And when I say chopped, I mean CHOPPED!! It is extremely short! I love my hair lady, and I did tell her I wanted it pretty short; I just wasn't expecting it to be this short. My jaw dropped when she turned me around so I could see. Ben and I both seriouslly laughed for 30 minutes straight, because I look so bad.... It was just quite a shock to both of us! So, its not my favorite hair style...but at least my hair grows fast. On the bright side, its nice because it doesn't take me long to style it in the morning... that means I get to wake up a little later! See for yourself how short this new do is...

On Saturday, I took the praxis exam for speech pathology. It was SO hard. I never thought it would take me the full time, but I was going right up until the minute the lady said stop. There were some questions that were very easy, and then some that I literally just had to randomly guess. Some questions, I didn't even have a logical guess on... I might as well have not read the question and just bubbled in an answer. I've heard from several of my friends that took it before me, that they all felt the same way when they took it and they all did fine. I'm hoping and praying that I'm like them, because I don't want to have to go through that again! It did make me appreciate Montevallo though.. I really feel like Montevallo thoroughly prepared me for a lot of the questions on the test, or at least types of questions. The praxis consisted of several case based questions and that is exactly how a lot of our tests were at Montevallo... at least I was able to reason through a lot of those!

Anyway, this week feels like a different week at UAB. First of all, two of my friends from my class that are also interning at UAB decided to take spring break. I chose to skip it, work through it, and then end a week early in April. It sure does make my lunch break a little different not having them to chat too. Luckily, another girl is coming for part of the week, so at least I'm not completely alone all week! Secondly, my main supervisor is out for the entire week at Disney World! I'm so jealous! Sounds like such a fun week! It's different hopping between other therapists but I'm actually really enjoying it because I'm getting several comments and learning ways that other therapists do things. It's really a great experience. We also have completely new patients this week, so I'm also having to adjust to that. Just when I was getting really comfortable with my last patients, they were discharged. Although I hated to see them go, I'm excited that they were able to leave the hospital and go home. I didn't realize how short my time would be with each patient in Rehab. I really like this setting because I'm with the patient long enough to develop a relationship with them, but my caseload is also frequently changing so I get to see a variety of patients. This has been a great internship so far!

Anyway, guess I better go get ready for dinner. Luckily Ben is getting home at 8:15 tonight, and thats in 15 minutes! Woo hoo!!

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