Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Pictures Say It All...

So as I mentioned in the last post, the puppies are growing soooo quickly! They are huge now, and are really soo much fun! I swear they just get cuter and cuter everyday!!

See for yourself...

They sure do love each other!
This little puppy loved playing with the tennis ball...

Too bad its a little too big for him...

Don't you just want to eat these two little faces up?

And, I even got a family picture!!

Tonight we rolled up our rug in the living room and let the puppies out of their bin for a little while so that they could play. We really didn't expect them to be as active as they were! They had a really hard time walking on the hard wood floors though. haha So, despite our efforts to protect our rug, they quickly found it and decided to play right on top of it. Thankfully we didn't have any accidents on it though!

Check out this video of them playing.... Watch closely to the puppy in the background trying to walk on the hardwood floor...He's having some trouble!

This next one is of the puppies playing with each other earlier this afternoon.

Listen closely and you can kind of hear a little bark!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. Oooooh they are so cute! They are more active than they were last weekend! Loving the family picture...especially Ellie's pose! Can't wait to see them again! Bring them back soon!


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