Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last of the Puppies

Remember us?Well we grew up, and despite our human mom's persistent begging, our human dad, Ben, wouldn't let her keep us. She dreaded the day she was going to have to send us off to our new owners. We know because she told us every day how hard it was going to be and how much she was going to miss us. We also heard her joke with dad everyday about keeping us. We wanted to stay with them too. They were soo good to us. We loved living with our real biological mom too.
But, unfortunately the time came and we had to go. Luckily our human mom found us two great homes to go to. One of us is even staying in the family with her grandparents! The other one was sold to a friend who actually found out about us through this blog. She had been following us since we were born and when our mom mentioned selling us, the new owner was quick to contact her. Our human mom cried reallly reallly hard when she gave us away. She kept talking about how attached she had gotten to us over the last two months. However, she also kept saying how happy she was that we were going to great homes. We heard her tell our new owners that she hoped to keep in touch forever and would love to see pictures and hear updates on how we are doing. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but we are tough and will love our new families just like our dog mama, Ellie, taught us to!

Here are a few pictures of our last few weeks with the Adams family..

We loved sprawling out across their big and comfy couch every night.

Both of us always loved sitting on our human parents' shoulders or chest. We just loved cuddling up close with them! They both really loved it too!
I slept on mom's shoulder like this all the way from Birmingham to Decatur.
Here I am saying goodbye to my dog mom before Christen took me to my new owner.
Overall, our human mom Christen said she LOVED the experience of having us and watching us grow up. She is so thankful for the opportunity and will cherrish the memories she had with us!

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