Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Visitor

After graduating from graduate school and finishing that temporary job I had back in May, I suddenly had lots of free time throughout the days. At first, I was pretty much losing my mind because I think I had somewhat forgotten how to have a life. But now..after about a month, I have figured it all back out again. I have had lots of free time and I am loving it. I spent most of the first couple of weeks searching and interviewing for jobs (which is absolutely NO fun! But thats another story...). I finally accepted one and I don't start until July 7 (I'll update on this soon!), so now it looks like I have just a few more weeks to enjoy summer! I'm trying to really cherrish this time because I know once I start work, its the end of the road for long summer breaks...or really just long breaks in general. that I think about it, why did I get a job again?

One of my favorite things to do at least twice a year is to have my neices and nephews come and stay with me for a weekend. I really started doing this the year before Ben and I got married. I usually have Abby come by herself first and then a few weeks later I usually have Kayli and Chase come together. I know what your thinking.. I should get an award for best aunt of the year. I agree. haha :) Just kidding. But seriously, there really is just something so special and so fun about being an aunt. I love that I can enjoy these precious kids, spoil them rotten, and then give them back. I'm so lucky that both my sister and brother are so lenient and pretty much let me take the kids whenever I want and do whatever I want with them.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we had Abby (2 years old) come and stay with us. It was a lot of fun. She is at that age now where she says the funniest things ever! She is definitely a handful and is in to everything, but she is so much fun. We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary with her. We took her out to eat a few times, to get ice cream, to the park, swimming, met up with some friends...just normal stuff. And... somehow I managed to go the whole time without any pictures. I did make her have a quick photo shoot on the last day before I took her home. I got some pretty cute pictures I think...See for yourself...
Isn't she precious? She has such a sweet and prissy personality too. She wanted to help me with everything....unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, laundry, making the bed...I loved it. She was my little helper. Everytime we went anywhere, she always waved and smiled at strangers. They of course would "oo" and "ah" over how cute she was. Thats probably why she does it. She must know she's cute! haha She laughed CONSTANTLY. She has the cutest laugh too. I really wish I had gotten a video of it. She would put her hand over her mouth with a big grin and bend her knees... she looked like such a prissy little girl it was so cute! She always said "Oh my goodness" with a rising tone that was hilarious. I remember I was in the kitchen cooking one night. Ben came up behind me and scared me and I dropped something all over the floor. It splattered and made a HUGE mess. Abby looked at Ben and said " Oh my goodness...Ben you're in big trouble." It was hilarious.
Later when we were back at my house my mom, me, dad, and Abby were standing outside looking at the stars. My mom had recently thrown some old chicken in the garbage can out there and it had started to smell really bad. Abby just looked around and said..."That's disgusting. Pappy (my dad) is that you? Did you pooted?" hahaha We all busted out laughing so hard.
She really was so easy and such a joy to have around! I just can't believe how quickly she is growing up! So now that Abby has come and gone, I guess Kayli and Chase, you're on deck! We will have you come visit in the next couple of weeks! But since they are older, we can usually go and do some really fun things. I'm going to start looking online to find something to do. Any suggestions?

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  1. So cute i'm glad yall had fun with her! and i love the picture, once again i'm gonna have to steal them to show them off on my facebook haha! oh and one suggestion for kayli and chase could be that waterpark/themepark in bham called alabama adventure.. i always had fun there!


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