Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pool Time

My parents had a pool put in our back yard about two years ago. That was probably one of the best decisions they have ever made. We LOVE it and use is often! It's great because it gives the whole family a reason to get together almost every weekend and it gives us a way to keep cool in such brutally hot weather.
Here are some pictures of us all out there last weekend...

My dad, sister, and Mark (brother-in-law) just enjoying the sun...
And Here is My mom and dad

For the summer, my nephew Chase decided he wanted his hair to be cut like a mohawk. Because he's not in school and it really doesn't matter, my sister cut it for him. It's pretty funny, but he loves it! We of course couldn't resist the urge to spike it up while it was wet!
And then we of course couldn't resist the urge to spike ALL of the guys hair up like a mohawk!
Chase and Kayli both usually bring friends over when they come. It's good because it helps to keep them entertained! Here is Chase with one of his really good friends. If I didn't know better, I would think they were half fish! They swim like them anyways!!

Mark took turns throwing each of the boys in the pool... I remember loving when my dad did that to us when we were little. Don't you? And, these boys are no exception..They Loved it! He is such a cool dad! :)
haha It looks like Chase's friend is walking on water in this picture!
and Chase looks like a ballerina or some kind of graceful dancer in this pose!
And here is me and my sister. You could read her blog here. I don't know if I would though...she is a HORRIBLE blogger. She hasn't updated in about a month! haha
(*Disclaimer: It's a really cute blog and is really interesting to read when she actually posts. I'm hoping this will give her a little push!)

Mom and Dad Again...

Well there you have it! Thats a little glimpse into one of our pool days! Ben wasn't home that day so I didn't get any pictures of him. Kayli also didn't come and neither did my brother and his family. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of them this weekend!
On a side note, if any of you live in Decatur, Alabama, we are having a HUGE yard sale this weekend. There are 6 families involved. TONS of stuff. I know many of you have kids. My sister is selling a lot of her kids clothes and toys. My brother and Tiffany are selling tons of baby/toddler girl clothes and stuff. My mom has tons of left over Frankie's stuff. You should definitely come check it out!

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