Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last Saturday my family and I decided to have a HUGE yard sale. There were 6 families involved. I have never seen so much stuff at a yard sale in my life. I have also never had such a good turnout at a yard sale....until it rained. (More on that in a second!)

We had the yard sale in the back yard of my parents house. It backs up to a busier street in our neighborhood so we knew it would be easier for people to find. It was the PERFECT location.

We all woke up at 5:30 and were outside by 6. Within minutes we were covered with shoppers! We were constantly slammed with people. There was never a dull moment! There were around 20-25 people there at all times... It was so much fun!

Look at all of the shoppers in these pictures!! and all of the junk! :)

Here we are posing for a quick picture. Excuse the gray haired shopper bending down in front of us! She didn't realize what was going on I guess hahaha

And here is my mom. Look at all the shoppers in the background. I especially love that girl in the red shirts face...She is looking at my mom with such a frightened look haha

My neice Kayli and her friend set up a lemonade stand outside of the gate. They sold lemonade, cookies, and cupcakes.
And then around 10:30 a huge cloud moved over us, and it started to rain. HARD. People of course started going crazy and all came to check out at once (which was a disaster!) and then they all left at once. We frantically started grabbing huge tarps and throwing them over all of the stuff to try to protect it from the rain. It was chaos.

Of course it only rained for about 30 minutes. That was just long enough to stop all of the traffic and the people from coming to our sale. We opened it all back up but a lot of the stuff was soaking wet, and our back yard was one big mud hole. (Since my parents added the pool last year, they havent finished landscaping the very back of our yard yet which is part of the reason my dad even let us have the yard sale back there in the first place.)

See for yourself... This picture of my mom and sister sums up just how we all felt....

These guys ventured out and just looked at us with these smirky little faces. I know they were all thinking, "Don't even think about asking us for help."

A lot of our stuff was protected by the tarps. But a lot of it wasn't. Some of it would be ok once it dried, and some of it wouldn't. We went back through it all; tried to dry it off the best we could, and threw away some stuff that wasn't worth saving. We then moved ALL of the tables and racks of clothes on to the outside of our fence so that people would hopefully see us and stop by again and so that they wouldn't have to walk in such a mudhole. We had more customers, but it wasn't nearly as packed as it had been earlier that morning. We were bummed.

Eventually we started packing it all back up. We kept a lot of it so we could hopefully have another yard sale in the fall. Some of the stuff we trashed and some we took to goodwill. We were all just so sad that the rained messed up such a good sale.

But, even with the rain, in just 4 hours we made over $1000!!!! We were so surprised and so excited. If it hadn't rained, we probably would have doubled that. We turned away SO many people, and the rain really stopped the momentum. That thought makes us sick.

Still I would say it was totally worth all of the work!! It was a lot of fun, plus I love having a little extra cash in the bank! We sure were EXHAUSTED when it was all over though! But still, I am looking forward to having another one in the fall! Hopefully it won't rain on us again!

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