Thursday, July 29, 2010


In all of the hustle and bustle of life, I just realized that I never posted about something we've been pretty busy with over the last couple of months!! Ben and some friends got together and joined a church basketball league. Now if you are anything like me, I was thinking "Our guys are so young, I bet they are going to be soo good compared to all of the older men's teams that were playing."

Boy was I wrong.

Don't misunderstand me. Our guys are young, and they are really good...but at the start of the season, they only had 5 players total so all 5 had to play the entire game. They had no subs.. compared to the other teams who had 8 or 9 players which gave them plenty of time to let each player rest every now and then, unlike our guys. It was brutal.

After that first game, the original five were EXHAUSTED.

Not to mention the score wasn't too pretty either.

All of the guys significant others and friends came along to cheer them on. We didn't care how bad they lost, we cheered our little hearts out! Erin and I made it to EVERY SINGLE game. What good wive's we are!
After the first few games, everyone started to strategize. The main strategy: FIND MORE PLAYERS.
And about halfway through the season, they did just that! Ben found these two studs to come along...
Some of the other guys brought some friends too, and before we knew it.. We had ourselves a full team! They started winning games left and right!
We were "Guest" in that picture.

When it came time for the season tournament, we just knew our boys were going to advance. Unfortunately Ben was out of town for the first game and obviously couldn't play. I still went along to watch the game though. I figured I hadn't missed a game yet and it was an important game, so how could I miss it?!

It was such a close game. We were winning for most of it. But, the other team wasn't far behind us. When it ended, we were down just 3 points! So we lost and didn't advance any farther.

We didn't care though. I was still just so proud to see how much the team had grown and how they had improved over the season! Nonetheless, the guys enjoyed playing the game and getting some exercise, and the girls enjoyed having something to do every week! Not to mention we usually went to Yogurt Lab after every game...yumm. I hate that the season is over, but can't wait for the next one to start!!

Way to go Homewood Boys!

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