Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More of The Beach....In Pictures

Girls night out! Just missing my sister, Kayli and Mama Frankie to make this picture complete!

Mom and Dad getting some much needed rest and relaxation...
Nothing like a nap out on the beach!
Nana and Abby had tons of fun swimming in the ocean. Just for a side note, I usually don't like to swim in the ocean, but I actually got in it this trip! I think I mentioned on my last post that the waves were HUGE. That is an understatement. I literally was standing at about waist deep and a wave crashed right on me... It was soo strong it knocked me completely down. I went under, banged my body on the bottom, lost my bathing suit, paniced that I wasn't going to live....seriously. My arms and legs were flapping. Ben and my dad were dying out laughing because they saw it all. Obviously, I did make it back up for air but the undertoe was SOO strong that it kept sucking me out. My dad and Ben liked being out a little deeper so they could ride the waves in. I did not. I was terrified because they were so strong. Some random man must have seen the terror on my face because he grabbed my arm and pulled me back in to shallow ground... haha. I got out of the ocean and didnt get back in past my knees for the rest of the trip. Now that its over, I think of how fun it really was...but at the time I was scared. Everyone else stayed out and surfed the waves all day... They were exhausted when they came back in!
Pappy (My dad) and Abby
Here is Abby just posing for a quick picture before we headed out for the night...
And here is the happy family... my brother, Tiffany, and Abby
Down in the village of our resort there is a carousel, and of course Abby had to ride it! Look at this face...I hate that the picture is blurry. Because it was moving, my camera didn't capture it well..but her face says it all!!
Uncle Ben

Can you tell that Abby was basically the center of our entertainment? She is in almost every picture haha. She was SOO cute and so much fun! She is at such a fun age...just so full of joy, laughter and happiness. Can't you tell in all the pictures what a happy child she is? She constantly said some of the funniest things ever and kept us all on our toes!

One more beach post about the 4th of July coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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