Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Look who was all dressed up in the cutest 4th of July attire ever! Isn't she precious?
We all went out to eat at a restaurant down in the village before the fireworks show. The food was delicious!

But then, while we were eating, we noticed the sky starting turning black and scary above us.

It started to rain and we worried about it messing up the fireworks. Luckily it quit raining literally 10 minutes before the show was suppose to start! We left our table and headed to find a view of the show. Here is where we chose to go...overlooking a huge pond in the middle of the village. Isn't it pretty and fun looking?

And then the fireworks started! They were so pretty!

After the show ended, we headed down to Hammerheads. Its an outside restaurant that backs up to the bay. There is a huge long pier that you can walk out on if you want. They also always have a band playing beachy music and people always get up and dance with their wives, kids, or just by themself. Let me just tell you... Abby is a dancing queen!! She was going crazy! haha Everyone there was just watching her and laughing. She kept throwing her hips and body back and forth so hard that she would sometimes completely bust on the ground. That didn't stop her though! She would get back up and keep going! It was also soo cute because every time they would start a new song, she would look at me and say "This my favorite song!" haha.
Here is a picture of her dancing with me. You can tell by her stance and the swaying of her dress how hard she was dancing!

But, before long, she was worn out! We all were. So we decided to head back inside! I snapped this picture on the way back to the condo. I love it!

We got up the next day and my brother and his family headed home back to Decatur. Ben and I decided to stay an extra day with my parents! We all decided we wanted to work out that morning. Ben, my dad, and I drove to the resort gym. My mom decided she wanted to walk and meet us there...I snapped a picture of her on the way!
After our workout, we wanted to drive around and look at all of the houses and condos around the resort. While we were driving, Ben happened to spot these guys just hanging out on the outskirts of the golf course! We of course pulled over and I walked through the trees to get a picture...They weren't scared at all and just stood there carrying on with what they were doing. Aren't they cute? It's not every day that you would expect to come this close to deer on a golf course in such a busy resort!

Overall, it was a great beach trip! I'm looking forward to many more trips together! Hope we can go with the WHOLE family again soon!

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