Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Emma

This is Emma. She is the newest addition to our family, and we are SO in love with her!

She is an 8 week old vizsla. Ever heard of those?

Probably not. I hadn't either.

So why did we get her? Heres the story.

About two years ago, Ben and I were walking down the mall shopping for Christmas gifts for our families. We stopped at a calendar place and started looking at dog calendars. Ben just happened to see a "Vizsla" calendar and was obsessed with the dog. I thought that obsession would pass, and we would never see or think about Vizsla's ever again. WRONG. Literally, I'm not joking at all when I say this, for the past two years Ben has been researching these dogs and stalking them on the internet constantly. I can't tell you how many you tube videos he has made me watch of them. It got to the point where he started searching for dog names, although we hadn't even planned on getting one anytime soon.
A few months ago, I started thinking this would be the perfect time to get him the dog! Since our anniversary and his birthday are both in August, this would be the perfect gift! (And they cost a pretty penny, so I halfway joke that this is his Christmas and Valentine's gift too... haha). I googled breeders in Alabama and found out that there are only two of them here. I emailed both and it just so happened that one was going to have a litter born and ready for new owners in August! Perfect! I wanted so badly to surprise Ben with the puppy. BUT, there was no way I could buy something worth that much money without telling him, and I figured since it was his dream dog, he might actually want to pick her out. He of course was REALLY excited, so we have anxiously been waiting for two months to pick her up. It seems like it has been the longest two months ever!! I can't imagine what it will be like when we are actually having a baby!

For the last two months, Ben has continued to look up names. He tried to find some Hungarian name since she is a hungarian dog, but none of those seemed right. He continued searching and chose the name Emma. When he mentioned it to me, I thought it was really a cute name and was impressed with his decision. Plus, "Ellie and Emma" sounds really cute together I think! " :)
Emma really is such a sweet puppy. We have only had her for 3 days, but we love her! She is really really cuddly... She likes to play hard, but also likes to sleep... ALOT. Pretty much, if we want her to play with us, she will play; but if we want her to relax, she will sleep. She LOVES to be right on top of our laps...which we love. If we put her down, she doesn't walk too far away from us. And, did I mention how cute she is?!? Here are a LOT of pictures of sweet little Emma. (Sorry for those of you that have facebook, many of them are the same that I posted on there! But, there are a few new ones!)
These dogs are known as "velcro" dogs because they always want to be "attached to their owners." We've read that if you let them, they would love to curl up under the covers and sleep with you in the bed. Now, while she is going to be an inside/outside dog, and there may be a few nights that we let her sleep with us in the bed, we don't want her to be dependent on it. After all, she is going to be a 45ish pound dog. So, right now we are trying to crate her at night. She has done decently well, considering its only been a few nights. The second night was the worst. She cried and whailed and hollered for a long time. It tugs at my heart so bad to hear her like that. I want so badly to go and get her and let her know that everything is ok. But, I know she has to learn. I just hate "tough love."
Last night she was much better though. She slept for about 5 hours before she woke up and cried. We've been treating her like a baby. I hold her in a blanket at night right before we go to bed. She usually falls asleep in my arms, and then I place her down in her pen. Usually, she will stay asleep, which means she doesn't keep us up all night. We are hoping with time she will grow to like her little kennel!
Oh, and what does Ellie think of this new addition?!
Well.... she doesn't love her....but doesn't hate her either. She has pretty much just been ignoring her all the time. She has kind of been acting weird lately though. She won't sit on the couch with me anymore if Emma is up there, and she goes and sits under the kitchen table a lot of times. I don't think she realizes Emma is here to stay...forever. Hopefully with time they will learn to love each other like sisters!
So, I guess thats it for now! We've been so busy lately with Emma, packing to move, Ben's birthday festivities! Lots going on! Hopefullly I'll blog again soon with more updates!
Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. she's even cuter in person! I love that sweet emma girl!


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