Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weddings Galore

Last weekend Ben and I had a very busy weekend full of wedding festivities! Our good high school friends, Katy and Stephen, tied the knot along with Ben's long time family friend, Sam and his new wife, Tara. Katy and Stephen's wedding was in Decatur, and Sam and Tara's wedding was in Florence....both at the SaME time. Unfortunately, we knew we both couldn't make it to both weddings, so we decided to split up. Ben headed to Florence, and I stayed in Decatur.

I had such a great time at Katy and Stephen's wedding. It was so beautiful, sweet, and SO great to catch up with all of our old high school friends! I hadn't seen a lot of them since our wedding last year!! We had a lot of catching up to do! We spent the night away dancing to an awesome band, eating some really good food, and then we sent the happy couple away on their honeymoon. Overall, it was a wonderful night!

I am pretty confident that Ben had just as good a night at Sam and Tara's wedding as I did. He said everything was really pretty and they had a great time. He doesn't tend to elaborate as much as I do though... imagine that. haha

Here are a few pictures from Katy and Stephen's wedding... (This is for you Decatur girls..since I know you are reading, but are TOO cool to become a follower or admit you really like it! Maybe one day...haha)

Congratulations Stephen & Katy and Sam & Tara!!!

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