Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to the College Days

This past weekend, Ben and I headed over to Tuscaloosa for the Bama/Penn State game. Ben was SO excited. He literally mentioned it every day the week before the game. Neither of us had been to a game in the two years since we graduated, and if you know Ben..he LIVES for football. Don't get me wrong, I love football season too, and really enjoy watching the games, but for him, it's a whole different ballgame (no pun intended :)).

We were so excited when we found out our friends Erin and Wesley were also going and wanted to ride together! It made the drive much more entertaining!
When we got to Tuscaloosa, we all walked around downtown and around the quad. It felt good just to be back in the tailgate atmosphere (although it was REALLY hot that day!). Ben and I later met up with his whole family at the Alpha Chi house to eat lunch.

After lunch, it started raining, which kind of put a hault on our tailgating experience. Luckily, it cooled the temperature off though because beforehand, it was smothering hot!!

After the rain stopped, Ben and I walked around a little more, visited with some of his college friends, and then headed to the stadium so that we wouldn't miss any of the pre-game festivities (one of Ben's favorite parts.)

We were shocked when we made it to our seats. We had AWESOME seats. Ben checked our tickets 3 times to make sure we were in the right spot. We were right smack dab on the 50 yard line, only 25 rows from the field. We were given these tickets by some of Ben's family friends. We were just excited to have tickets to the game, much less these tickets! If you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We seriously can't thank you enough. You REALLY made Ben's day, especially!
Anyway, the game was really a lot of fun. It was packed, and stayed packed all the way until the end. Although I'm not a Bama fan (and don't get your hopes up!), I really had a great time. I really didn't have a preference as to who won. I didn't really cheer for either team; I just enjoyed being there. Believe it or not, I actually got chills a couple of times during their pregame show, and I do really like their new stadium...but don't get any ideas, I'll forever be a Tiger! War Eagle!
P.S. This was just too good for me to post, so I'm back in here to edit/re-post. Literally right after I posted this a second ago, I walked in the living room and what do you think I found? Ben, REWATCHING the Alabama vs. Penn State game that he had recorded! This would be the second time I've seen him watch it since we've been back! I told you, the boy LIVES for football!


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