Saturday, September 11, 2010

Emma's First Trip to the Lake

A few weekends ago, our good friends Erin and Wesley invited us (and the dogs!) to their lake house. It was so much fun! There were 13 people, and 7 DOGS!! It was CRAZY. I guess we are all at that stage in life where we don't have kids yet, so our dogs are our babies....and we treat them like our babies and bring them with us everywhere.

Here is a picture of the girls (minus Anne, who was already asleep!) with all the dogs on the bed before we all went to sleep...

Isn't that hilarious!?!

On Saturday morning, we woke up to a horrible rain storm. We were bummed. I'll have to admit though, it was kind of nice to just sit around and be lazy all morning. We enjoyed some delicious bagels from Panera Bread, and sat on the back porch relaxing.

Ben and I were dying to see if Emma would/could swim. Luckily, the rain eventually stopped late in the afternoon so we got a chance to test her out.

And she did great! At this point, she was only about 10 weeks old.. I'm not sure whether she loved it or not. As soon as we put her in, she would try to swim back to the dock or shore...she didn't really like just "swimming for fun." At least she didn't sink though!

She even swam with the big dogs!

And Ellie watched from the boat....She's not really into the whole getting wet idea!

We had a lot of fun and were so thankful to be invited!

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  1. Gosh thats alot of dogs, sounds like fun though..ellie cracked us up looking prissy on the boat haha!


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