Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're Pregnant!! (and it's not Ellie this time... promise!)

So, the news is out. Most of you that read this already know, but I'm doing a post just for my own memories. So, remember this post (when so many of you texted, commented, and messaged me so angry at that mean joke I played)...well this time, don't let me fool you because...

Ben and I are going to have a baby!!!

Want proof? See for yourself...

And yes, there are three different types of tests. I just couldn't believe it, and had to make sure!! haha

So heres the story. For the last couple of weeks, I just hadn't been feeling well. My stomach was a little uneasy at times, but nothing big. I then started having REALLY bad cramps. I was certain that meant it was about to be that special time of the month. Well, as the days kept passing, I started wondering. Last Friday, October 15, 2010, Ben woke up and went on a jog around the block. Shortly after he left, I took a pregnancy test. To my surprise, it said "Pregnant!!"

Waiting on Ben to get back from his walk was the LONGEST 20 minutes of my life...It felt like 2 hours. I constantly paced the floors back and forth, sat on the front porch in my robe, told these two....

(First of all, I was surprised to find them sitting that close to each other, on their own, so peacefully..) and yes, they both looked at me with those faces, as if they were saying "Huh?"
Ellie is thinking "What!! We just added a new member to the family!! Not another one!" and Emma is thinking "Huh, I thought I was always gonna be the baby!"

Ok so moving on, Ben finally made it home and I shared the news with him. He was shocked to say the least. We cried, talked, laughed, hugged, kissed... and then we had to part our separate ways for work, which we were both already SUPER late for. (And yes, I did stop at a gas station on the way to work to get/use another pregnancy test! I was still soo shocked/excited!) We decided that morning that we were going to keep it a secret until we were 3 months along.. or at least until I made it to the doctor.

Obviously, that didn't last. I lasted a total of 24 hours and then I busted. I had to call my parents and break the news! They were thrilled! The next day, we drove to Decatur and told Ben's parents and our siblings. Still, we were going to keep it a secret until I made it to the doctor, which we thought would be the next day.

Wrong. The doctor said I couldn't come until I was at least 7-8 weeks along which would be Nov. 1! WHAT?! Don't they know that I'm new at this? Don't they know I need some peace of mind? Don't they know I'm so excited I can hardly stand it, and I want confirmation from a professional?

Ugh, I wouldn't take no for an answer, so I called my medical doctor and asked him to do blood work. Of course he agreed, although we both pretty much knew that home pregnancy tests very rarely give a false positive. Of course, he called me with the news, "It's official! You are pregnant!"

So, here we are. I think I'm only 5 1/2 weeks along.. so its still very early. I am anxiously/patiently (sort of) waiting for my doctors appointment. Only about a week left!

I could not be more excited! Ben is coming around. He was scared out of his mind at first. He of course immediatly started freaking out about financially being ready (oh the accountant! :)). It has taken him a week to get use to it, a week of ups and downs, a week of reassurance from friends and family, but, now, I think he is finally starting to get excited.

I constantly think about it 24/7. Every thing I eat, every move I make.. I'm constantly thinking, is this ok? I'm constantly praying that I have a healthy pregnancy. Every time I get a cramp, I panic. Last week, I cramped a lot. The doctors told me it was normal, but I still paniced. This week, I'm not cramping as bad or as much, I just feel really tired at times, and I feel like my belly is already ten pounds heavier because it is so bloated. I can't imagine what it will feel like when it really is 10 pounds heavier! Oh, how I long for that day! Other than that, I have NO symptoms..I know its still early, but it keeps me wondering, is this really happening?

So, there you have it. Our little family is growing. Please keep us in your prayers! Pray for me and my anxieties, worries, and patience! Pray for Ben and his worries and his sanity in putting up with his emotional wife! Pray for the little appleseed (my book is telling me thats how big it is right now!)! Pray for the entire pregnancy! and Pray that our first doctors visit goes perfectly! and... for all you mama's out there that have been here, any advice is always welcomed. I'm so new at this and am trying to take it all in!!

Have a good night!!


  1. SO SO Happy for y'all!! I can't wait to meet Baby Adams! You are going to be a great Mom and Ben will be a great Dad! This little baby is so blessed to have y'all as parents!

    It is hard to wait until 7/8 weeks for that appointment. I was shocked too when they told me I'd have to wait that long! But you'll be fine. My only advice right now is to get a lot of rest and keep snacks with you all the time. And it doesn't matter what you eat -- especially at the beginning! Eat whatever you can stomach! My first trimester I subsisted almost entirely on Squiggly Worms and now the thought of them makes me want to gag! :)

    I'll be happy to answer questions if you want to chat!


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  3. Jace and I are so excited. As you know recently Kim and I became grandparents. Cannon is 9 months now, He has brought us all so much joy, made us smile alot again. We all adore his laugh and personality,,I am so thankful you two are gonna become parents.. We will pray for your pregnancy to go, The Hyatts

  4. Christen this is the best post ever!!! I love it so much. I can't wait to spend every moment with you along this journey! I am so unbelievably happy for you (as if you don't know that already) and I can't wait for that precious angel to get here!! I really have been praying for you!! :) hahaha I love you!

  5. Aunt Tasha couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to meet my sweet little niece/nephew!

    I know that you will take good care of "the little appleseed" while he is growing in your tummy. So, just relax and enjoy the next 9 months! They will be very special!

    As for Ben, he will be a great Dad and I'm sure he will take good care of the "lil' mama" too! And once he sees that beautiful baby face for the very first time, the "accountant" and the "planner" will turn into putty in the hands of that sweet baby boy or girl!

    I am so excited and happy for you both and am counting the days already! Yippeeeee!

  6. SO EXCITED!!! you're going to need pictures when he/she comes (cough, cough)... :)

  7. You two are so blessed! I'm so excited for you, and will continue to pray. I will babysit whenever!!!! I love y'all, and couldn't be happier!


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