Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Have a Visitor

Last week, after going to the doctor and hearing the heartbeat, my mom ended up staying the night with us. Ben and I were inside watching TV, and she was out on the screened in back porch. While out there, she kept thinking she heard little footsteps going back and forth across our back deck. She kept looking, but couldn't see anything. Was it Ellie she thought? No, she was inside. Was it Emma? No, she was inside too. My mom said she was convinced we had a ghost. haha Next thing I know, she is yelling for me and Ben to come outside. This is what she saw..

A raccoon!!

We had Emma's dish out on the deck with some of her left over food. This little raccoon kept walking across the deck, would sit down and pick up a piece of food with its hands, put it in its mouth, and then run back to the other side of the deck to eat it. Even when it saw us, it kept coming right up next to the screen door where we were standing to get the food. It was actually kind of cute. I had no idea that raccoons used their hands that much. I wish so badly that I had gotten a better picture of it getting the food...but I was too scared to stick my hand out there that close to it.

Since then, we have made sure to keep the dog food inside, and our little visitor hasn't been back!

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  1. AHHH! It better not come creeping down to our house!!!! hahahaha


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