Monday, January 17, 2011

Bieber Fever

I was looking back through some of the pictures on my computer and I realized that I completely forgot to blog about a big event that happened back before Christmas....the JUSTIN BIEBER concert! haha

I honestly am not a Justin Bieber fan. I don't dislike him, I just don't know any of his songs. The only song I know is the "Baby" song, which I must admit I do actually kind of like. My neice on the other hand.. is OBSESSED.. Remember her room...

All of those posters on the wall are Justin Bieber...every single one of them.

So it was only fitting that since Justin Bieber was coming to Birmingham, my neice HAD to go.

My sister, after lots of hard work, searching and planning, ended up getting some tickets and then called me (the coolest aunt in the world) to see if I would take her. Of course, without hesitation, I said yes. I love doing these kinds of things with my neices and nephews.

So on the day of the concert, my brother-in-law brought my neice and one of her friends to meet me in Cullman after work, and we headed to Birmingham for the concert. I wish I could have $1 for everytime I heard "Oh my gosh I'm so excited!" or "I can't believe we are going to this concert" or "Oh my gosh, we are in the same city as Justin Bieber" or "Justin Bieber is right in that building." haha you get the picture... literally, it was every two seconds. They were completely pumped.

We stopped by my house so I could change out of my scrubs and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the two girls decked out in their matching t-shirts and with their signs...

When Justin Bieber finally came on stage, I seriously thought these girls were going to have a heart attack.... I do think at one point my neice looked at me and said "Oh my gosh my heart is racing.."
They were jumping up and down, screaming, flinging their hands everywhere and yes... they both even cried. I took several videos of them on my phone.. I would give anything if I could post them on here, but my neice made me swear to never reveal those videos to anyone...
The concert was FILLED with screaming girls...It was SO loud. My ears were ringing after we left and were even ringing the next morning when I woke up. It was insane. Throughout the concert I kept wondering "I wonder if Baby A can hear yet and if he/she is dancing to the beat in my belly?" haha I don't think his/her ears were developed at that point..but I'm sure it could feel the vibration.

I actually really enjoyed the concert. He put on a good show..and let me just say, the boy can dance. That was really entertaining to watch.

I am soo thankful that I was able to share in this experience with my neice. I loved seeing how excited she was! It was such a great moment for me. I must admit, when I saw her face and reaction to Justin Bieber coming on stage, I even cried...but not because I was excited about him coming on stage. I was just so happy to see her so thrilled and it made me emotional. This is definitely a memory that I hope she will remember forever! I know I will!

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