Monday, January 24, 2011

Camera Recommendations?!

Hello All!
I realize it has been a week since I've written a post (Thanks Ben for the comment on the last one! haha), but honestly, our life has been pretty uneventful lately. For once, I have nothing to blog about, no pictures to share, nothing.

We did go this past weekend to one of our friends AMAZING hunting camps. It was so nice and GORGEOUS.Not at all what you would expect when you think "hunting camp." I seriously could move there and be perfectly content forever. Want to see pictures? Yea... wish I had some to share. My pregnant brain has become quite forgetful lately, and somehow I managed to leave my camera at home. So, sorry I have no pictures to share! We had a blast relaxing and hanging out with friends though! It was a perfect weekend! Thanks Erin and Wesley for the invite!

So, I do have a random question that some of you may be able to help me with. Ben and I are wanting to buy a nice video camera to have so that we can start capturing all of these moments preparing for Baby A, and then of course to have after he/she is born. I am CLUELESS when it comes to video cameras. I don't know what is good or what is bad, what is important or not so important, or just what to look for in general. I'm not sure whether any of you have a video camera or not, but if you do, please let me know what you have and whether you like it or not! Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Well, as of today, we are ONE week away from finding out if Baby A is a boy or girl. I am seriously soooo ready to find out! I can't wait!! I'm still not really feeling Baby A move yet..Every now and then, I think I feel it...but its just not consistent or strong enough for me to know for sure. I'm hoping that will hurry up and start happening soon! My belly sure is blooming now though! Baby A must be growing like a weed!! I'll post a picture next week when I'm 20 weeks along.

Guess thats it for now! Hope everyone has a great week!!

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  1. We have a Sony handheld. But it's like 6 years old so I know that there are newer models out there. I think the most important thing to look for in a video camera is the portability of what you record. Is it easy to transfer to the computer and then do you know what to do with it to save it permanently onto dvd's, etc after that. Our's uses mini-dvd's and they are really great because I can just keep those forever as a backup hard copy in case something ever happened to our computer where they're also stored. And then we use Windows Movie Maker to edit them but it's kind of difficult to get the video's from the dvd's onto the computer. I probably make it harder than it could be because I didn't learn how to import them right away when I had all the software and instructions in one place and am now using some ghetto method just because it's the only way I could figure it out.

    But you'll definitely want a video camera so that you can record as much as you can. I already wish that we had more video of C when she was really little. Even though she wasn't really doing anything it would be neat to have more video of her rolling/etc.


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