Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Baking

For the last couple of years, the girls in my family have all gotten together a few days before Christmas to do some annual Christmas baking. This year we all gathered at my grandparents house and each brought a few recipes. Sometimes we wrap the food up and deliver it to friends/coworkers. I didn't deliver any to anybody this year, I just joined in for fun! We always have a blast cooking together, and I love this tradition that we have started! My mom, being the lovely cook that she is, decided that she "didn't need to read the directions for her recipe. She just knew what to do." haha Well after dumping all the ingredients in a bowl and attempting to mix them, something just wasn't working out right. We laughed and laughed and laughed at her. Of course the directions did not say "Just dump and mix." Instead she was suppose to mix a few things, melt a few things, bla bla bla then put it all together. What makes it so funny, is that my mom really can cook well, but lately has gotten really lazy with the cooking so she alters recipes (ie. if she doesn't have an ingredient, she just leaves it out) and we end up with some interesting meals and sometimes we giver her a hard time for it. Of course this would happen during our baking session! Here is a picture of my grandmother laughing REALLY hard when she saw what my mom had done...oops! hahaha

But, I must say, she started over and definitely redeemed herself! Her cake came out perfectly!
Here is a picture of my sister with one of the desserts she made.. Isn't it pretty and festive?

I didn't take any other pictures of our treats but some of our menu included chocolate fudge, peanut brittle, toffee, white chocolate covered peanut butter ritz crackers, red velvet cake cookies, my moms cake and the pretzel m&m thing above. It was a really fun tonight, and as always great memories were made!

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