Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our First Christmas as "Parents"

This Christmas really snuck up on me and Ben. After Thanksgiving, we weren't at home for a solid weekend until the last weekend before Christmas. We never had time to get out our Christmas decorations, and for those of you that really know me, you know that killed me. So, the Sunday before Christmas, we were both at home and I said "We have to put up a Christmas tree. I can't stand it." Since we were going to Decatur on Wednesday for Christmas, that would only leave us 2 days to really enjoy the tree...but, I couldn't stand the thought of now putting one up at all, so we did it. Here is our tree.. I really loved our tree. I hate that we didn't get to enjoy it longer than we did.

We decided that since we wouldn't be at home for Christmas, we needed to go ahead and give Emma and Ellie their "Santa" presents. (Yes, we did buy them presents... after all, they are our babies!) We really just bought one of those prepackaged stockings filled with dog toys, and then bought them each a separate toy of their own.

I spread them out on the floor in front of the tree, while Ben distracted the pups in the other room.

When they were set, Ben ran in the room and then we called for the dogs. I must admit, we had no clue how they would react or whether they would even care about the toys. We had no clue that we would get the reaction that we did!
They went crazy! They were seriously like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning! They were running back and forth picking up every single toy, throwing it in the air with their mouth, as fast as they could. It was like they couldn't look at everything fast enough! haha

I would give anything if I could have captured this on video. I just didn't even think about it because I really thought it wouldn't be anything special. But, I'm not gonna was such an awesome moment that my eyes seriously watered with joy, and Ben, he had the biggest grin on his face that I've ever seen. If we enjoyed this moment with our dogs this much, I can't imagine what we will be like when its actually Baby Adam's opening his/her gifts on Christmas morning.

This was the perfect start to our holiday season. More posts to come (though it may be after New Years, because we off to the beach tomorrow and I doubt I have time to post while there!) Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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