Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 Weeks---We're Halfway There!!!!

So, I know I still haven't posted about our big reveal yet, but I'm wanting to be able to add portions of the video I took and my camera isn't cooperating at the moment. I'm going to try to get the right cord tomorrow, so hopefully it will be up soon!

But in the mean time, I figured I better go ahead and do my 20 week belly post before it's too late! (I just took these pictures today so technically I'm 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant... I know many of you are thinking big deal, what's 3 days? Well, in my world right now, just 1 day makes a difference.. I'm growing leaps and bounds every night it seems!)

Don't believe me? See for yourself....

Here I am during my last Belly Post at 17 weeks....

And here I am now, at 20 weeks!! That is only 3 weeks difference people!
Wow!! Can't you tell a difference?

Honestly, I didn't realize I had gotten that much bigger (and I know I have a ways to go and will be MUCH bigger before its all said and done with, but I'm just saying at this point in time I didn't notice it as much as it is). I mean I look at my belly every morning before getting in the shower and I have definitely been able to tell it was bigger, and my scrubs have gotten tighter and its starting to show a little through some of them so I knew I was growing..but it took me seeing these pictures to really believe the extent of it! Ben took about 30 pictures because I kept looking at them and saying "Gosh I look huge, do another one so I can stand right or change the angle." After about picture 30, Ben finally in a sort of polite way said "Christen, you just really are that big." haha At least he's honest I guess! haha
Overall, I'm feeling pretty good right now. My doctor appointment went great. My doctor said everything is measuring perfectly, and Baby Girl looks healthy and great! Her heart rate was 155. (Side note.. it sure is nice to be able to say "her" now instead of "it" or "he/she!") I have gained a total of 9 lbs so far (Not that any of you care, I just think I may like to know this during future pregnancies to compare).. I freaked out when I saw that at the doctor, but Dr. M continuously reassured me that average weight gain at 20 weeks was between 7-10 pounds so I'm good. It just seems so weird. Right now, my appetite is back but I don't really have any specific cravings.
One thing that has come with being 20 weeks, is leg cramps! Ugh!! I had read about them in my pregnancy book for the last few weeks, but just figured I was going to be the lucky one to not experience them. Wrong!! I woke up around 4 AM two nights ago in excruciating pain. Now, I have had leg cramps and Charlie Horses before, but this one was different. It was awful! I had pointed my foot in my sleep and it was literally stuck and my calf was radiating pain. I literally woke up screaming/moaning and covered in sweat, which of course woke Ben up. He paniced haha. He started saying "What?!? What is it? What do I do?" He later told me he thought that I was having contractions haha and was terrified until he realized it was just a leg cramp. It cramped up twice that night, but I started drinking pickle juice which helped relieve it. Since then, my leg has been SO sore. I'm just really hoping those leg cramps aren't a regular occurence.
Up until this point, I have felt like each week I've been counting up towards a that I am 20 weeks, I feel like the tables have turned and its now a countdown. Now that we are on the downhill slope, we are spending most of our time preparing for her arrival. I'm starting to feel the pressure to get everything done before my belly is out of control big and I'm too tired to do anything. Today I cleaned/organized our basement and cleaned out the bedroom that will soon be the nursery. I also ordered our crib today!! I can't wait for it to come in! I'm still in the process of deciding color schemes, but once I get that decided, I'll start painting the walls. It sure is fun preparing for this little sweet pea to arrive!!
So, I'm just so excited that everything is moving right along, and Baby A is healthy as can be! Ben and I both appreciate all the prayers that have been sent our way, and ask that you continue to pray for the rest of the pregnancy!

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  1. I love how you've conveinently coordinated your colors on "posted by" and "labels" pink and blue!!! Maybe it was just an accident..... hahaha it made me laugh though!


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