Monday, March 7, 2011

24 Weeks

Well, to say I've blossomed over the last month is an understatement....

There is no hiding the fact that I'm pregnant now! Everywhere I go people are constantly asking me "When is your baby due?" Sometimes I just want to say "What I'm not expecting!" haha just to see their reaction.
I must admit, for the first time over the entire pregnancy so far, I had quite a breakdown right after taking these pictures. (We took them on Sunday so technically I was 24 1/2 weeks along..close enough.) Usually, each month I have taken about a million belly pictures...this time around, we only took 2. Why, you ask?
Well, right after Ben took these two pictures I told him to let me see the camera to make sure the lighting was ok because it wasn't flashing. I took one look at the picture, and it went all down hill from there. haha (It was probably compounded by my earlier frustration over the weekend in trying to find something decently cute to wear that didn't cut off my circulation... I'm thinking its time to go maternity shirt shopping! :)) I knew I had gotten bigger, I look at myself every morning in the mirror. I know I'm suppose to get bigger, that means baby girl is developing appropriately. But, for some reason, seeing my body look this way in a picture just sent me spiraling. haha Maybe its a combination of wacky hormones due to pregnancy and the realization that my body is changing drastically.... in ALL areas, literally EVERY single night/day. One good, long, hard cry, and I was fine. haha
Today, I am enjoying being pregnant. I love that my belly is big and I love that random people at the gas station after work kept asking me "what are you having?" "Is this your first?" and "when are you due?" I just had the biggest grin on my face tellling them that "I'm having a sweet baby girl and yes this is our first and I only have a little over 3 months left!" I'm hoping all of these emotions are normal, and I'm not just a nut case haha.
But, for the most part, I am loving this stage of pregnancy. I'm finally at the stage where its obvious I'm pregnant and I haven't "just gained a little weight." I am finally feeling Baby Girl kick and move all the time, which is the absolute best feeling in the world. I LOVE it. I mostly feel her at night when I'm sitting in bed watching TV. I randomly feel her throughout the day if I'm sitting still at my desk or when I'm driving in my car. We think Ben may have actually been able to feel her last night too. She was doing somersaults in my belly while I was trying to sleep. I told him to put his hand on my belly and tell me when/if he felt anything. Every time he said he felt something, I had just felt her kick. It's still not consistent enough or hard enough for him to feel all the time, but it was still really neat for him to experience it.
I love that we are finally at the stage where its time to start getting things ready. As you saw in my previous post, we have been spending lots of time getting her room ready. I am also going to register in the next week or so, and will have my first shower in about a month! So, it's beginning to get pretty busy as we draw closer to the day we get to see her precious face! I literally can't contain the joy I feel when I think about that day!
So, all in all, everything is moving along smoothly! I went to my doctor appointment last week and heard her little heartbeat! It was 150 bpm. I go back in about 3 weeks to do my blood sugar test. After that appointment, I'll start going to the doctor every 2 weeks! I can't believe it!
So to sum it all up:
-I'm feeling great! Finishing up the 6th month of pregnancy, and about to start the final trimester! Yay!
-I don't really have any specific cravings, but I am finding that I'm hungry ALL the time. I try to eat healthy snacks like fruit, applesauce, yogurt, and granola bars to help sustain me.
-I have started to get a little uncomfortable when I sleep. Luckily, I usually wake up to use the bathroom and can typically go back to sleep. My biggest problem is not being able to sleep on my stomach (how I slept pre-pregnancy). I find myself waking up flat on my back all the time which is really uncomfortable. Also, I know you aren't suppose to sleep on your back during pregnancy because it can limit blood flow/oxygen to baby...I'm not sure how I'm gonna fix this problem because no matter how many pillows I stick behind me, I always end on my back. Suggestions?
-We still haven't commited to a name yet, but have one that we are pretty positive we will name her. Just want to make sure before we spread the news...but don't worry! I'll reveal it soon!
Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us throughout this pregnancy! I am seriously so thankful for this precious gift that God has entrusted to me and Ben, and am so thankful that my pregnancy has been going great so far!

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