Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby "A" Moving

Over the last couple of weeks I have really started to feel Baby A moving all the time. It is the most awesome feeling in the world! Her moments of activity are becoming a little more consistent too. You can pretty much bet that after I eat something, she is going to start kicking. The kicking has gotten so strong that you can actually see my belly move when she kicks! The other day I decided to try to take a video of my belly moving. Want to see?

Forewarning: The video is kind of at a strange angle. I'm holding the camera looking down while lying on the bed. You can tell my belly is growing by leaps and bounds! This is what I see when I look down. Also, because my shirt has stripes on it, it may distract you a little from the movement but make sure you look closely to the right side of my belly. Don't get confused with my breathing either..when she kicks, its like a sudden punch or jerk..she does it a few times, but the biggest is probably right at the end so watch the whole way through!

It makes me so happy to feel her kicking and moving around in there!

We are getting really excited about her arrival! Time seems like it is going by much quicker now! I can't believe its only about 3 months until we meet her! We went and registered today, and it was so much fun picking out all of the little baby gear!

My feet, hands, and legs have started to swell some over the last couple of days, and thats not fun. I'm hoping its just due to the rising temperatures outside..but goodness, I can't imagine what May and June will bring! I'm just so thankful I don't have to go through the entire summer! I literally couldn't get my wedding ring off this morning in church, it was awful...looks like I probably won't be wearing them much longer. Also, my shoes have started to get tight and uncomfortable, so I've got to look into getting some softer ones. Unfortunately, most of the cute flat sandals that I like and am use to wearing in the summer are all hard as a rock on the bottom...I've got to do some searching.

Oh and one more thing, this past weekend my mom, her friend and I stopped in this consignment store that we had heard about. I stumbled across this beauty...

Yes, that is a Leacho Back 'n Belly pillow and it is HUGE!! but is seriously the best thing in the entire world. A few weeks ago, I had started looking at buying a pregnancy pillow because I haven't been sleeping too well. However, the cheapest pillow I could find was $50-$60 plus, and I just had a hard time paying that for a pillow so I was toughing it out. I spotted this beauty in the consignment store and it was brand new, still in the wrapper, for only $30! I was so excited. My mom bought it for me, and I love it. We got such a great deal because most of them that are $50 plus are just one sided..this ones wraps and supports my belly and back...AMAZING. We laughed when we bought it because we were thinking... " where is Ben going to fit?" haha Luckily, we have a king size bed so there's no problem.

I go back to the doctor next week and I can't wait to hear her little heart beat again! I will also do the blood-glucose test at this visit, so I'm hoping all of that goes well! I'll be doing the next belly post soon! I should probably start taking weekly pictures now instead of monthly pictures because I'm growing so much these days! Stay tuned!


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  2. I LOVE the video!! You can really see her moving! How exciting!


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