Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Bedding, An Anxious Daddy, and Prayer Request

A couple of weeks ago, our baby bedding arrived and I couldn't be more excited! I spent so much time picking this out, and couldn't decide whether to splurge and have it custom made or go a cheaper route and buy a prepackaged deal. After searching and searching, I finally just decided to splurge. I figured since we didn't really have to buy any furniture (besides the crib), and were using all hand me downs everywhere else in the room, she deserved some quality bedding. I knew I wanted it to be something simple and classy, and of course very baby girlish. Here is what I picked: I really like it a lot. They had an option of having it monogrammed. Since Ben and I can't fully commit to a name, I didn't know what initials to put on it so I just put an A for our last name. At least this way, if we ever have another girl and I want to reuse it, I can.

On a side note, there are a few funny things I want to write down so that I can always remember Ben's perspective on pregnancy and his feelings/emotions/concerns with having baby girl. Ben really hasn't ever been around a newborn baby. He says he has never changed a diaper, and has rarely had an opportunity to even hold a baby. We were dating when my neice Abby was born, but Ben was still in school at the time and I was in Decatur living with my parents, so he didn't spend as much time with her in the beginning as I did. So, naturally, Ben has lots of questions/concerns.

One morning, we were in bed being lazy and Ben looked at me with a dead serious look on his face and said "Christen, how long will it take for the baby to open her eyes after she is born?" hahaha I told him she can open them immediately, she even opens them in my belly before she is born. He didn't believe me so we proceeded to look it up on the internet. I laughed sooo hard. All he had to relate to was puppies and he figured since they took a while to open their eyes, human babies would too. haha

Also, we have been going to our childbirth classes every week. They have been showing some videos and talking about different aspects of labor, and I wish so badly I could have someone video Ben's face during it all. I looked at him during one of the videos and his eyes were so wide and his jaw dropped. He looked so frightened haha. Every time they mention something, he would look over at me so dramatically haha. I finally had to say "shh stop looking at me every two seconds, its embarrassing. " haha We both laughed. None of the other guys in the room were freaking out like him. Since then, he hasn't quit talking about "How he didn't realize all that had to happen" or how "He feels so bad that I have to go through that" or that "He isn't sure whether he will be able to support me through it all." hahaha I have just laughed. I should be the one freaking out because it happens to me, but he is freaking out more than me right now. I just appreciate having a concerned husband. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be fine during the process. haha

Lastly, I do have a small prayer request. I have been having some issues with my blood pressure over the last couple of days. I was sick Thursday night and didn't feel right all day yesterday. My doctor ended up telling me to come in to get checked out before the weekend, and my blood pressure was much higher than it has been. They said its not anything severe at this point and can still be in the normal range, but its a little concerning because its so much higher than it has been and it continued to rise from yesterday morning to yesterday afternoon. So, on Monday they are going to test me for early stages of preeclampsia. I'm hoping and praying that I don't have it, and maybe it was just a fluke thing. I'm actually feeling a little better today which is a good sign. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Guess thats it for now! Stay tuned for 4D ultrasound pictures! We do that this week too and I'm SOO excited to see this precious angels face! Hopefully she will cooperate for us!

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  1. First, absolutely beautiful bedding! You have done a great job with her nursery -- it's so beautiful! Baby A is a lucky little girl!

    Second, I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I know that it's scary when anything seems to be going wrong. Please keep us updated after your appointment! I'll be praying that your blood pressure is back to normal and that everything is still looking good!


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