Friday, July 29, 2011

"Just to see you smile, I'd do anything"

This morning while I was waiting on a bottle to heat up, I started talking to Mary Hyatt to try to keep her from crying while we waited. While talking to her, she did this...
I, of course, started yelling for Ben to hurry in the room so he could see. We both kept talking to her and she just kept grinning at us. It was so sweet! After Ben left for work, I just talked and "played" with her for the longest time just so I could see that sweet smile over and over again. I got out a couple of her rattles and shook them in front of her face, and she loved it. I was doing everything I could think of just to see her smile. I was making funny faces, talking in funny voices, jumping around the room, you name it.. I was doing it haha and she kept on smiling. It's probably a good thing that nobody else was at my house to see me making a fool of myself, but at least Mary Hyatt sure loved it! She has been smiling at us a little before this, but it has been veeerrry inconsistent and sporadic and we weren't really sure whether she was just reflexively smiling or not. This morning, there is no doubt that she was smiling at our voices/faces. She has been doing it all day long, and it absolutely melts my heart!

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