Thursday, August 4, 2011


"I have been blessed,and I feel like I've found my way,

I Thank God for all I've been given at the end of every day,

I have been blessed with so much more than I deserve,

to be here with the ones that love me,

to love them so much it hurts, I have been blessed." Yesterday while riding in the car to Target the lyrics to that song ("Blessed" by Martina McBride) played over the radio and I couldn't help but notice just how true those words feel to me right now. Truly Blessed.
Its hard to believe that it has almost been 7 weeks since I started this new journey of motherhood. I must admit, the first 3-4 weeks were really rough. I definitely had some issues with the "baby blues" and I remember both me and Ben thinking "Oh my gosh, what in the world have we gotten ourselves in to!" But, over the last 2-3 weeks, things have gotten so much better. We have finally started to get the hang of things and Mary Hyatt is becoming less "fragile" and is starting to develop a little personality. I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I can't even put in to words how truly amazing it is. I love holding Mary Hyatt and having her rest her head on my chest. I love rocking her to sleep. I love when she grins at me with such joy in her eyes that it makes my heart feel like it might explode. I love when she looks at me and really focuses on my eyes. I love when she wraps her little hand around my finger. I love singing to her as loud as I can while she just looks at me as if its the best thing she has ever heard. I love taking her on walks and pushing her in her stroller. I love taking her out places and having people constantly saying " aww.. a brand new baby," "how old is your baby?" or "She is so cute." I love giving her a bath. I love listening to her sweet baby sounds, especially when she is falling asleep and she makes little "cooing" sounds. I love shopping for her and buying her new outfits and toys. I love how doing laundry is so much more fun when there are tiny baby clothes to fold and hang. I love dancing with her. Gosh, I could go on and on.
I feel so honored that God chose me to be Mary Hyatt's mom. She is really such a sweet, sweet, baby. For the most part, she is generally a pretty happy baby. I've pretty much figured out what she likes and doesn't like, and I have learned what to do to calm her down when she gets fussy. She is getting better and better at sitting content by herself either in her bouncy seat or just lying on her back, which is great because it allows me a little more freedom to take a shower or get things done around the house that I need to. She still likes to be held and cuddled though, which I love to do. Ben and I think she has started to recognize us or at least our voices, and she knows when someone other than her mommy or daddy is holding her. She is sometimes a little more fussy when others are holding her, which is probably just because she is either use to us and our scent or it may just be that we know exactly what to do to keep her content.

She is already growing so fast, and I often think "Gosh I sure wish I could freeze time right now."..or at least slow it down. Last night, before bedtime I started rocking her in the rocking chair, and she fell asleep right on my chest. I love when that happens. I just sat and rocked her for a long time because I didn't want that moment to end. There is just something so sweet about rocking my baby to sleep that just makes my heart smile. I've really been trying to cherrish every little moment with her because I can already see how fast she is growing, and I know one day I'll look back and miss all of these things. It already makes me sad to look back at pictures when she was first born. She has already changed so much! But, I'm also excited to watch her grow and I can't wait to experience all of her "firsts" with her. I'm reallly reallly dreading the day that I have to go back to work. I am loving spending every minute with this sweet baby girl, and it breaks my heart to know that it won't be like this for much longer, but I know it will be ok and she will be fine at the daycare.
Though I still occasionally have days that are harder than others, and I still may feel exhausted at times, there is absolutely no greater feeling in the world than being a mom, it is completely indescribable and I am so thankful for every single minute of it. She is totally worth it all. I am beyond blessed.

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