Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long, Late Trip

This week Ben has a training seminar for work in Atlanta. Since I'm still on maternity leave for a couple more weeks, Mary Hyatt and I decided to join him. I had originally planned on going sometime in the middle of the week, but at the last minute we decided to tag along for the whole week because I figured making a 4 hour drive and hitting Atlanta traffic with a two month old by myself might not be the best decision. We didn't end up leaving until 8 o'clock Sunday night, so we didn't get to the hotel until 1:00 AM Atlanta time. Although we were pretty tired, it actually worked out well because Mary Hyatt slept the entire ride and woke up right when we got in the room. I propped her up on the bed while Ben and I unloaded and unpacked all of our stuff.
She was in such a good mood...

and was being so so sweet..

After about 15 minutes, she remembered that it was night time and she should be sleeping....

In this next picture, I think she looks like she is about to beat someone up. I imagined she was thinking "If you don't get me in the bed..."

So we fed her one last time and put her to sleep. She slept through the night until about 7 the next morning. Ben left for work and Mary Hyatt and I just relaxed in the hotel for a while. She was still so happy the next morning... she must love going on vacation like her mama!

We spent the first day just walking around the hotel..which is HUGE..and then tried to find our way around outside. It was total chaos. I got so turned around and couldn't really find anything. Even though there were tons of people out and about, I actually got a little nervous walking around by myself in downtown Atlanta with a newborn, so we didn't go far. We ended up just stopping at a bakery for lunch and then headed back to the hotel to wait for Ben. When he got back, we headed out for our anniversary dinner. We went to a place called Blue Ridge Grill. It was great! They had little pieces of confetti hearts on our table and brought us each a glass of champagne.
Mary Hyatt was pretty good throughout the meal. She sat in her car seat for most of it, but of course wanted out by the end of the meal so we took turns holding her. We laughed because anniversary dinners are so much different now that we have a baby with us! It will be fun to one day tell Mary Hyatt how she celebrated our 2nd anniversary with us!
The waiter then surprised us with this delicious dessert to help us celebrate.
I thought it was so cute...and soo yummy!

The second day, Mary Hyatt and I just hung out in the hotel. She actually took a 4 hour nap!
After Ben got back and Mary Hyatt woke up, we walked around for a little while and then went to Hardrock Cafe for dinner. It was a good day! Today we are hoping to make it to the apparel mart. Even though my mom doesn't have Frankie's anymore, I think my name is still in the system so I can still get in to look around on the cash and carry floor. I hope I can find some good stuff! :)

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