Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Deal

Oh how I love a good deal. Last week, Cullman had this event called Kids Mart. It's kind of like a giant kids yard sale/consignment shop that is held twice a year where people all over Cullman bring stuff to sell. I wasn't exacly sure what to expect but I decided to give it a shot.. They let "first time moms" come in earlier than than the rest of the public, so that was kind of nice. I decided to go before work one day and actually took Mary Hyatt with me. It was packed full of so much stuff. They had all kinds of baby gear like strollers, car seats, bath tubs, bouncers, bedding, etc., along with lots of toys for older kids and of course several racks full of clothes....all at such great prices. Now, some of the stuff did look a bit worn out so you did kind of have to weed through it to pick out the good stuff, but I was so excited about my finds.

I got six outfits.... well kind of seven. The Christmas tree dress above is actually reversible and can be worn for Valentine's day as well. Isn't it sooo cute? I also love the sweet smocked dress with Cinderella and her carriage on it. The best part about it all is that I only paid $35 for all of this!! I was so excited. Some of these things are really great brands that I know cost a whole lot more than what I paid for it and its all in really good shape. I don't know about you, but I just feel so accomplished when I find a really good deal...especially on childrens clothes since they grow so fast. Also, Mary Hyatt can wear a lot of this to day care and I won't care if it gets messed up since it was so inexpensive.

So this is my new hobby. I'm all about kids consignment store shopping now. I've heard Huntsville and Birmingham may have events like this one too. I sure hope so!

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