Sunday, October 2, 2011


Friday I celebrated my 26th birthday! I know thats still really young, but for some reason it seems so much older. I guess it's because I'm closer to 30 now than I am to 20! haha Oh well. But, here is how my day started... I was so surprised to see Mary Hyatt in that little onesie when I woke up! It made my day! Ben had secretly ordered it a few weeks ago, and Mary Hyatt was just grinning constantly when I saw her which made it even more cute. I just love waking up to that sweet face!

Unfortunately, I had to go to work that day, but it wasn't too bad. (We haven't quite officially figured out my 4-day work week yet. I'm hoping to get that started soon though.) After work, I headed back home to meet Ben and my parents. They had decided to come and stay the weekend with us. We always love when they come to visit. We all went to eat that night and then came back to our house to eat some birthday cake that Ben had baked for me. My parents and Ben all sang me the slooowest version of "Happy Birthday" that I've ever heard. haha We laughed so hard at the end of it because nobody knew why they were singing so slow. I still appreciated it though!

I know that picture looks like we are singing to Mary Hyatt because of the way Ben and I are looking at her. At the rate she is growing, it won't be long before we really are singing to her! :(

My mom and I got up the next day and went shopping. Unfortunately we didn't really have much luck, but it was still fun. We left Mary Hyatt with my dad and Ben. They did great keeping her all day!

When my mom and I got home, Ben grilled hamburgers and we all watched the Alabama/Florida game.
My parents got up and left early this morning, and Ben, MH, and I took a trip to Oak Mountain State Park with his parents; but that deserves a post all to itself. It was a great birthday weekend!

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