Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Perfect Day

Today was the perfect day with my girl. We didn't do anything extra special, but it was just a great day and I want to make sure I write about it because I know these are the days I'll one day look back on and long for. Warning: It will probably be long and boring to all of you because I want to include every detail (and for the record, I've decided I may start writing a lot of my posts like a letter to Mary Hyatt, so that one day when she reads them, they will seem more personal and like a special letter from her mama.) So heres how the day went:

Mary Hyatt, you woke up in the best mood ever. Tuesday night, your daddy and I let you sleep in your big crib in your room by yourself for the first time (will blog about later!). You slept ok that night, but not as great as you had been. Last night when we got ready to put you to bed, I realized that I had forgotten to charge the monitor and it definitely wasn't charged enough to last through the night, so we let you sleep in your bassinet next to me again. You slept soo good. You slept almost 10 hours! When you woke up, you didn't cry. Your daddy and I were already up and he was getting ready for work. We heard you over in your bassinet just cooing and making the sweetest sounds ever. We both walked over and each got on a side of the bassinet and peeked inside at you. You just started grinning like crazy. It melted our hearts! I got you out and just "played" with you for a while, and your daddy left for work. I then fed you and when I went to burp you, you just snuggled up on my chest and went to sleep. You have started burrowing your head underneath our chin sometimes and I love it. You have also started grabbing on to our shirts while you sleep and I think it's so cute. I let you just rest away on my chest for a while.

A little before lunch time, we headed out to go shopping. I was suppose to be shopping for myself because a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit as well as they use to and my wardrobe is very limited, but I actually didn't end up shopping for me at all. I decided I would rather shop for you and I could make do with what I've got just a little while longer. I had realized the other day that you really didn't have very many 3-6 months size clothes (which you're about to need), and also when the weather dropped during the storms earlier this week, I realized that you don't really have many clothes for cooler weather, so you were in more desperate need than I was. Plus, I wanted to get you a few things before your first day of "school." (I think "school" sounds so much better than "daycare!" haha)

We first went to a little store around our house where I picked up your first monogrammed outfit with your initials on it. I love it, and can't wait for you to wear it. As we were heading to another store, you started to wimper in your car seat. I reached back there and put your pacifier in your mouth and you went to sleep on your own. I was so surprised. You usually don't do that in the car. I think I even texted your daddy and said "I really don't know this child. She just went to sleep on her own in two seconds in the car." When we walked in to the next store, the ladies working the cash register had me bring you over to them and asked me to set the car seat on the counter. They oohed and ahhed over you and then that attracted a few other ladies shopping in the store to stop to talk to you. You just kept grinning and cooing at them. I was so proud at that moment that you were mine.

We then headed to the galleria. We went to a few stores, and then headed to the food court for lunch. I fed you, and then put you in your stroller while I ate. Again, you attracted so many people. Two ladies sitting next to us kept asking me questions about you. One of them even came over to our table and sat down for a few minutes to talk to you, and then she started showing me pictures of her grandchildren. Two other ladies also stopped to talk to me about you. You were being so so good. We sat there for about an hour together. I'm sure I looked like the biggest fool because I kept talking to you in baby talk and "playing" with you as if nobody else was around. I just couldn't pass up on that moment. You were in such a good mood. We then shopped some more, and I bought you your first pair of shoes.
They are really soft and look so cute on you. I also found you a couple of really cute outfits. While we continued to walk around, I held you cradled in one arm and pushed the stroller with the other. I love holding you. A few times I held you up against my chest while we walked. You would just rest your head on my shoulder. Pure happiness. I took you to the bathroom to change you and again you were being so so sweet. You kept making noises and grinning. I think you really liked it because it kind of echoed in there so you could really hear your voice. Again, I was making silly baby noises at you and completely didn't hear someone knock on the door until a man that was coming to clean the bathroom walked inside. I think I was just as embarrassed as he was. He was embarrassed because he didn't think anyone was in there and I was embarrassed because he caught me being really silly towards you.

We left the mall and I went to a couple more stores around Birmingham and then we headed home. We didn't get home until a little after 6:00 and your daddy was already waiting on us. When I brought you inside, the second you saw him you started grinning again. We both kept talking to you and watching you. I showed your daddy all of your new things for school. I even tried one outfit on you to see if it would fit..

It's a tad bit big, but it will give you room to grow. I just love the little leggings on you with the shoes printed on the end. You looked like such a big girl. It is so much fun to shop for you. I've always dreamed about the day that I would have my own little girl to dress up, and when I was pregnant and we found out that you were in fact a "girl," I couldn't wait to start buying everything with ruffles and bows on them. I also love having you to go shopping with. I think you really like it too. I know that we will have many more shopping dates together as you get older. I know I've always loved shopping with my mama, and I can't wait to have those same experiences with you.

Mary Hyatt you were seriously the perfect angel today. You never once cried. You were so so happy all day long. You put yourself to sleep several times in your stroller. You were a trooper. We were literally gone all day long from about 11-6. When we would ride in the car, you would make little cooing sounds as if you were talking to yourself. I love to listen to that. This was one of our best days together and I will cherrish these memories. It makes me so so sad to know that I'm going to start back to work next week and we won't have as much time for days like this. I'm guessing thats why God wanted us to have this day together today. He knew my heart needed it because I've been trying to soak up every minute with you.

To finish the day, I gave you your bath and just finished feeding you your bottle a little bit ago. You are asleep right now on my chest as I'm writing this post. I love starting and ending my days like this. You are such a blessing sweet girl, and I love you more than you will ever know!

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