Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alabama vs. Vanderbilt

This past weekend we headed to Tuscaloosa with Ben's parents for Alabama's homecoming weekend. Although it was very hard for my orange/blue heart, I dressed Mary Hyatt in her first crimson and white Alabama outfit. Some of our friends (Tales of a Peanut) sent us TONS of their little girls hand me downs (which we LOVE and are forever grateful for! :)) and this was one of the cute little outfits. I'm so thankful that she sent this because I do want to be fair and I want to dress MH in both Auburn and Alabama gear until she is old enough to decide, but I'm just not sure that I could actually purchase an Alabama outfit for her yet....maybe one day. But, I must admit, she looked pretty cute...even in crimson and white.
When we got to Tuscaloosa, we headed to meet Aunt Meg and Aunt Sally at the Alpha Chi house. One thing that I do love about Alabama during homecoming is looking at all of the sororities' lawn decorations. It's unbelievable to me that these things are made completely of tiny pieces of rolled up tissue paper! Here is part of the Alpha Chi lawn decoration this year...

We then headed in to the Alpha Chi house for lunch. Mary Hyatt was just taking it all in!
After lunch we walked over to the quad. Apparently the freshmen from each sorority compete in a dance during homecoming week. We watched the top winners; which I might add Alpha Chi won first place!
Mary Hyatt loved meeting some of Aunt Meg and Aunt Sally's friends!

We walked around a little more enjoying the game day atmosphere.
Ben and I then left Mary Hyatt with his parents and we walked to the strip. We had intentions of sitting at one of the bars and hanging out for a little bit before the game, however I didn't have my ID so they wouldn't let us in. haha I wanted to be like "Hey, Mr. I'm 26. I have a child!" but I guess one day I'll be thankful that Ben and I both look about 12.

So instead, we walked back to the stadium and went ahead and found our seats. Ben's parents were gracious enough to lend us there tickets while they stayed behind and took care of Mary Hyatt.

We had a great time at the game. We reminisced about our old college days when we were dating and I came to several of the games.
At halftime, we were so thrilled to watch Meg out on the field to accept the sorority overall spirit award. Alpha Chi won first place!

After the game, we headed back to meet Ben's parents and MH. She was in her pjs, swaddled, and sound asleep!
We had a great time in T-town, and we loved being able to take Mary Hyatt down for the first time! We think she really enjoyed it, but she was definitely completely exhausted the whole next day. I guess being on the go and out in the heat all day completely wore her out! Now, I just can't wait to take her to Auburn at the end of this month!

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  1. So glad that we could help get MH to T-town in style! May she have many more fun weekends in Tuscaloosa! :) (Sorry Christen!)


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