Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Trip to the Zoo

This past Sunday my sister and her family came to join me, Ben, and MH at the zoo. Mary Hyatt was thrilled when I told her what we were doing. Before heading that way, we all stopped at Mugshots for lunch.

Our lunch actually took a little longer than we expected and we didn't even make it to to the zoo until 2:00 and they close at 4:00 during the month of October. It was also much cooler outside than we expected and as soon as we walked in through the gate it started to sprinkle. We were so afraid that this trip was going to be a disaster.

Luckily, the sprinkling stopped and we were able to make it through all of the exhibits at the zoo just in time for them to close. The only thing that didn't go so great is that Mary Hyatt was a tad bit cranky. I think she was completely exhausted from the long day in Tuscaloosa the day before and hadn't caught up on her sleep yet. She wasn't too bad though, she just required a little extra TLC.

We all attempted to wait for the sea lion show, however after waiting about 10 minutes for it to start we decided to keep on going since our time was limited.

We headed to the lorakeet exhibit. I thought it was pretty cool having all of the birds land on our shoulders/hands.

My sister stayed in the little lobby area with Mary Hyatt. My brother-in-law tried to show Mary Hyatt the birds, but as you can tell from this picture, she wasn't too amused.

We kept going and saw several other animals. I don't remember where we were when Chase put on this yellow hat, or why they even had them...

One of my favorite animals was the gorilla! Luckily, we were at the gorilla exhibit when a birthday party tour was coming through and the guide started making the gorilla do tricks. It was so cute to watch!
Throughout the day, there were several instances where someone would say, "Where's Ben?" Instead of us losing a child, we kept losing Ben. haha He kept getting mesmerized by all of the different animals I guess..haha See if you can find him in the picture below. I took this when I turned around to look for him one time and for some reason thought it was so funny... (He is in the red jacket, completely oblivious that the rest of us are gone...haha gotta love it!)
Mary Hyatt wasn't quite as entertained as her daddy... she spent a lot of the time doing this..
Overall, it was a great trip to the zoo and everything worked out great! We ended the day by getting some ice cream before my they all headed home! We sure loved getting to spend the day with my sister and her family, and can't wait to do it again soon!

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