Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath Time

Bath time is still one of our favorite times of the day. It never fails, every single time Mary Hyatt gets in the bath tub she lights up with joy. If she is having a fussy night, the second she gets in the bath, she is so calm, relaxed and happy.
Lately she has started to get really good at controlling her hands and grabbing on to things. We have entered the stage where she wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. During bath time, the second I try to wash her body, she grabs a hold of the wash cloth and puts it straight in her mouth. She loves to suck the water out of it.
The other night bath time was a favorite for ALL of our babies as Mary Hyatt was joined by her "sisters"....
I know some of you are probably cringing and thinking this is kind of gross. haha Almost every night when I give Mary Hyatt a bath, Ellie jumps in the bath tub and watches or occasionally drinks some of the water in that end part of the tub. I usually don't mind it, but Ben gets on to her for it. It's going to be really funny when Mary Hyatt is old enough to have a real bath and Ellie jumps into a tub filled with water. That'll teach her. We don't let Emma inside much unless she is in her crate, but this particular night Ben let her in and before we knew it both dogs were in the tub (Emma always has to do whatever Ellie does!), and I couldn't resist a picture. haha Poor Ellie needs to be the one getting the bath... she is practically brown. Poor thing doesn't get quite the attention she deserves now that there is a new baby in town! oops!

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