Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mary Hyatt is 4 months old! Look at how much she has changed these last 3 months...

Here she is at 1 month old..

and here she is now! She is almost as long as the laundry basket!!
At her doctor appointment last week, she was 26.5 inches long (< the charts!) and 15.6 lbs (90%). Growing girl! She is wearing a size 2 diaper but I think we will be moving up to a 3 next time we have to buy them. As far as clothes go, she is wearing 3-6 months clothes and will sometimes where 6 months clothes depending how they are made.
Every month she continues to develop so much more of a personality! This month she has started to laugh out loud which we absolutely love! She is such a happy baby!

As far as eating goes, she is still eating about 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. Sometimes she does last a little longer though . She eats about 7 bottles a day. We have started giving her a tiny bit of cereal every day too. She's not a fan of it yet and definitely hasn't mastered the concept of eating from a spoon yet. I pretty much just attempt to let her eat some every night until she gets frustrated and then we quit.

We did recently switch to a new type of formula. We had a rough few days where MH wasn't eating at all, hadn't had a good bowel movement in a while, and then one day didn't have a single wet diaper. After a few doctor visits and tests, we think her formula was just making her really constipated and therefore she didn't feel like eating. The new formula seems to be working now. It did take a little getting use to and we did have several huge spit ups, but it seems to all be getting under control now.

The only bad thing we have noticed since the formula change is that Mary Hyatt isn't sleeping as well as she use to. We had gotten so spoiled by the fact that she was sleeping 9-10 hours every night. This past week she hasn't been sleeping as soundly at all. She has started waking up every 3-4 hours again...sometimes its just a matter of putting her pacifier in her mouth but sometimes she wants to be fed. There have been a couple of nights where she has not gone back to sleep after being fed. She typically isn't fussy or in a bad mood, she is just awake. We aren't sure whether it's because this new formula is so much thinner than the old formula and she isn't getting full, or it may not have anything to do with the formula and may just be a phase we are in. I'm hoping this phase ends soon!

One day after church she was laying on our couch and she put her self to sleep. When I looked over at her, she had put her bunny's ear over her eyes... haha she looks like such a little diva with a sleep mask!

This month Mary Hyatt has gotten so much better at controlling her hands. She loves to hold rattles or play with little baby toys. She can grab on to things if you hold them in front of her face. She loves to put everything in her mouth.
Her favorite thing to do is to lay on her play mat and grab all of the rattles/toys hanging above her. She can entertain herself for at least an hour under that thing. Every morning we put her on it so that both Ben and I can get showered and ready for work. Though she hasn't been a fan of the swing since she was born, here lately she has actually started to like it a little more. She still doesn't really like to actually "swing" in it, but she loves to sit in it and watch the mobile spin over her. There have been several days that she has put herself to sleep in it and has taken long 2-3 hour naps.

She is getting much better at holding her head up and has started extending her legs and "standing" on our lap when we hold her up. She still doesn't really like tummy time and I've kind of slacked off on making her do it every day. She has started to try to roll over from her back to her belly though. She can get all the way on her side but her arm gets in the way and prevents her from completely rolling.

Every month just gets better and better with this sweet girl. She is still such an easy baby. I have taken her with me to my bible study a few times when Ben has been out of town or has had to work late and she has done great. I had to take her with me to get my hair highlighted and cut one day, and she lasted the entire 3 hours without making a peep!! I was so shocked and so proud.
We love you Mary Hyatt and are loving every minute of watching you grow!

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