Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Months Old

This post is a little late, but I guess its better later than never. Mary Hyatt you are 5 months old!!
This month has been a little bit of a blur to me and your daddy because you have been sick for the majority of it. We spent several days at the doctor this month, a couple of visits to the ER, and even spent the night in the hospital one night. We went through three different antibiotics but we finally think you are completely better, except last night we saw you pulling on your ears again...we are just hoping and praying that those ol' ear infections aren't back.
Now that you are better, you are such a happy and sweet baby. (To your credit, even when you were sick, you were still a pretty pleasant baby which made it hard for your daddy and I to tell if you were getting better or not. You just weren't your smiley self and you were a little extra needy.) You laugh at us constantly. Your daddy said the other night, "It doesn't take much to make her smile." We love that about you.

You have definitely found your hands and are gaining so much control over them. You will often just lay on your back and hold your hands in front of your face and look at them. You grab on to EVERYTHING, and everything goes straight to your mouth. We think you must be teething because of the way you gnaw on everything, but we can't see or feel any teeth yet!

It was pretty funny trying to take your picture for this 5 month post. You couldn't keep your hands off of the little stuffed lamb. It was cute.
As far as eating and sleeping goes, we are so off schedule since you have been sick and I really don't know what your norm is. While you were sick, you were back to waking up every 2-3 hours. Finally, you are now sleeping through the night again but sometimes you don't sleep as soundly as you use to. While you were sick, you weren't eating a ton and it was rare if you ever finished a bottle. Now that you are better, sometimes you will eat a full bottle (5 ounces) and then most of another one. We aren't sure if you are just trying to catch up on all you missed or if you are going through a growth spurt but you have quite the appetite right now.
You have started becoming a little mover as well. Sometimes we will leave you on your play mat and by the time we look back at you, you will be scooted off the side of it. You have gotten to where you can stand when we hold you up (you lock your knees instead of crumbling.) You always grin like you are so proud of yourself when we hold you up like that. You have definitely found your toes too. You love to pull them up to your face and hold on to them. You often try to put them in your mouth but haven't quite mastered that yet.

You have become a little snuggler this month. Since you were sick and weren't sleeping at all, your daddy and I let you lie in the bed with us a couple of nights. As long as you were snuggled up close to one of us, you were content. You would often fall asleep and would sleep longer there than you would in your bed and since we were so exhausted, we often let you.

At all of your doctor visits, you weighed around 16 lbs 6 oz. I'm not exactly sure on your height. You are still wearing 3-6 months clothes and some 6 months size clothes. I actually think the 6 months size fits you the best.

You still love your bath time, and for the first time you actually had a bowel movement in the bathtub. haha As gross as it was, I laughed so hard and you did too. You kept raising your head up trying to look down there. Your daddy was actually working really late that night so I left it for him to see/clean up when he got home. Eww! haha

You still love your pacifier and you like to be swaddled, but we no longer swaddle your arms in. You have become so much more alert this month. If you are lying on your back and your daddy and I are walking around the room, you will follow us with your eyes and turn your head to wherever we are. You love Ellie and Emma and get so tickled when they come near you. You now try to grab them when they are close... and Ellie definitely is not a fan of that.

You are such a sweet, sweet girl and every month just seems to get better and better. We are really looking forward to celebrating all of the holidays with you!

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